Commit d52d41de authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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htools: add node-evacuation of DRBD all nodes

This is much more complicated than either change primary (which is
trivial) and change secondary (which is also simple).

The main strategy is:

- choose a new secondary (that will become the final primary) and
  replace-disks to it
- failover
- choose a new secondary again (this will be the final secondary)

However, if the original primary was offline, then we first have to
failover to the secondary of the instance.

Note: currently this evacuation mode, while producing correct
evacuation results, does not result in optimal placement of the
instance; it will need attention and possibly an algorithm change.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent b4bae394
......@@ -939,9 +939,46 @@ nodeEvacInstance nl il ChangeSecondary
ops = iMoveToJob nl' il' idx (ReplaceSecondary ndx)
return (nl', il', ops)
nodeEvacInstance _ _ _ (Instance.Instance
{Instance.diskTemplate = DTDrbd8}) _ =
fail "DRBD relocations not implemented yet"
nodeEvacInstance nl il ChangeAll
inst@(Instance.Instance {Instance.diskTemplate = DTDrbd8})
avail_nodes =
let primary = Container.find (Instance.pNode inst) nl
idx = Instance.idx inst
gdx = instancePriGroup nl inst
no_nodes = Left "no nodes available"
-- if the primary is offline, then we first failover
(nl1, inst1, ops1) <-
if Node.offline primary
then do
(nl', inst', _, _) <-
annotateResult "Failing over to the secondary" $
opToResult $ applyMove nl inst Failover
return (nl', inst', [Failover])
else return (nl, inst, [])
-- we now need to execute a replace secondary to the future
-- primary node
(nl2, inst2, _, new_pdx) <- annotateResult "Searching for a new primary" $
eitherToResult $
foldl' (evacDrbdSecondaryInner nl1 inst1 gdx)
no_nodes avail_nodes
let ops2 = ReplaceSecondary new_pdx:ops1
-- since we chose the new primary, we remove it from the list of
-- available nodes
let avail_nodes_sec = new_pdx `delete` avail_nodes
-- we now execute another failover, the primary stays fixed now
(nl3, inst3, _, _) <- annotateResult "Failing over to new primary" $
opToResult $ applyMove nl2 inst2 Failover
let ops3 = Failover:ops2
-- and finally another replace secondary, to the final secondary
(nl4, inst4, _, new_sdx) <-
annotateResult "Searching for a new secondary" $
eitherToResult $
foldl' (evacDrbdSecondaryInner nl3 inst3 gdx) no_nodes avail_nodes_sec
let ops4 = ReplaceSecondary new_sdx:ops3
il' = Container.add idx inst4 il
ops = concatMap (iMoveToJob nl4 il' idx) $ reverse ops4
return (nl4, il', ops)
-- | Inner fold function for changing secondary of a DRBD instance.
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