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Add documentation for OS parameters

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......@@ -9,15 +9,18 @@ ganeti-os-interface - Specifications for guest OS types
The method of supporting guest operating systems in Ganeti is to
have, for each guest OS type, a directory containing a number of
required files.
The method of supporting guest operating systems in Ganeti is to have,
for each guest OS type, a directory containing a number of required
files. This directory must be present across all nodes (Ganeti doesn't
replicate it) in order for the OS to be usable by Ganeti.
There are six required files: *create*, *import*, *export*, *rename*
(executables), *ganeti_api_version* and *variants.list* (text files).
There are six required files: *create*, *import*, *export*, *rename*,
*verify* (executables), *ganeti_api_version*, *variants.list* and
*parameters.list* (text files).
Common environment
......@@ -27,8 +30,6 @@ common set of variables will be exported for all commands, and some
of them might have extra ones. Note that all counts are
The OS API version that the rest of the environment conforms to.
......@@ -111,12 +112,21 @@ NIC_%N_FRONTEND_TYPE
instance, this can be one of: ``rtl8139``, ``ne2k_pci``,
``ne2k_isa``, ``paravirtual``.
Each OS parameter (see below) will be exported in its own
variable, prefixed with ``OSP``, and upper-cased. For example, a
``dhcp`` parameter will be exported as ``OSP_DHCP``.
If non-zero, this should cause the OS script to generate verbose
logs of its execution, for troubleshooting purposes. Currently
only ``0`` and ``1`` are valid values.
......@@ -194,6 +204,42 @@ A very simple rename script should at least change the hostname and
IP address of the instance, leaving the administrator to update the
other services.
The *verify* script is used to verify consistency of the OS parameters
(see below). The command should take one or more arguments denoting
what checks should be performed, and return a proper exit code
depending on whether the validation failed or succeeded.
Currently (API version 20), only one parameter is supported:
``parameters``. This should validate the ``OSP_`` variables from the
environment, and output diagnostic message in case the validation
.. highlight:: sh
For the ``dhcp`` parameter given as example above, a verification
script could be::
case $OSP_DHCP in
echo "Invalid value '$OSP_DHCP' for the dhcp parameter" 1>&2
exit 1;
exit 0
......@@ -213,15 +259,32 @@ variants.list is a plain text file containing all the declared
supported variants for this OS, one per line. At least one variant
must be supported.
This file declares the parameters supported by the OS, one parameter
per line, with name and description (space and/or tab separated). For
dhcp Whether to enable (yes) or disable (no) dhcp
root_size The size of the root partition, in GiB
The parameters can then be used in instance add or modification, as
# gnt-instance add -O dhcp=no,root_size=8 …
Backwards compatibility
Ganeti 2.2 is compatible with both API version 10, and 15. In API
version 10 the variants.list file is ignored and no OS_VARIANT
environment variable is passed.
Ganeti 2.3 and up is compatible with API version 10, 15 and 20. The OS
parameters and related scripts (verify) are only supported in
version 20. The variants functionality (variants.list, and OS_VARIANT
env. var) are supported/present only in version 15 and up.
Common behaviour
......@@ -233,6 +296,13 @@ wrong number of arguments or when the first argument is ``-h`` or
Upgrading from old versions
Version 15 to 20
The ``parameters.list`` file and ``verify`` script have been
added. For no parameters, an empty parameters file and an empty verify
script which returns success can be used.
Version 10 to 15
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