Commit d1ac695f authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Add test for opcode fields equivalence

As opposed to the existing test, which tests the type/serialisation of
fields, this one simply tests the equivalence of the list of fields
for each opcode.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 1dbceab9
......@@ -437,8 +437,8 @@ case_AllDefined = do
-- a better way to do this, for example by having a
-- separately-launched Python process (if not running the tests would
-- be skipped).
case_py_compat :: HUnit.Assertion
case_py_compat = do
case_py_compat_types :: HUnit.Assertion
case_py_compat_types = do
let num_opcodes = length OpCodes.allOpIDs * 100
sample_opcodes <- sample' (vectorOf num_opcodes
(arbitrary::Gen OpCodes.OpCode))
......@@ -473,8 +473,42 @@ case_py_compat = do
mapM_ (uncurry (HUnit.assertEqual "Different result after encoding/decoding")
) $ zip opcodes decoded
-- | Custom HUnit test case that forks a Python process and checks
-- correspondence between Haskell OpCodes fields and their Python
-- equivalent.
case_py_compat_fields :: HUnit.Assertion
case_py_compat_fields = do
let hs_fields = sort $ map (\op_id -> (op_id, OpCodes.allOpFields op_id))
py_stdout <-
runPython "from ganeti import opcodes\n\
\import sys\n\
\from ganeti import serializer\n\
\fields = [(k, sorted([p[0] for p in v.OP_PARAMS]))\n\
\ for k, v in opcodes.OP_MAPPING.items()]\n\
\print serializer.Dump(fields)" ""
>>= checkPythonResult
let deserialised = J.decode py_stdout::J.Result [(String, [String])]
py_fields <- case deserialised of
J.Ok v -> return $ sort v
J.Error msg ->
HUnit.assertFailure ("Unable to decode op fields: " ++ msg)
-- this already raised an expection, but we need it
-- for proper types
>> fail "Unable to decode op fields"
HUnit.assertEqual "Mismatch in number of returned opcodes"
(length hs_fields) (length py_fields)
HUnit.assertEqual "Mismatch in defined OP_IDs"
(map fst hs_fields) (map fst py_fields)
mapM_ (\((py_id, py_flds), (hs_id, hs_flds)) -> do
HUnit.assertEqual "Mismatch in OP_ID" py_id hs_id
HUnit.assertEqual ("Mismatch in fields for " ++ hs_id)
py_flds hs_flds
) $ zip py_fields hs_fields
testSuite "OpCodes"
[ 'prop_serialization
, 'case_AllDefined
, 'case_py_compat
, 'case_py_compat_types
, 'case_py_compat_fields
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