Commit c6a9dffa authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Fix disk checks in “gnt-cluster verify”

Tests have shown that the changes in commit b8d26c6e

 don't work as
wanted. If any disk wasn't found on the node, all disks located on the
same node would show as faulty. The cause was incorrect exception
handling on the node.

This patch changes the RPC call to return a per-disk success/error
status, avoiding the problem.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarLuca Bigliardi <>
parent 7b4eed05
......@@ -1539,9 +1539,7 @@ def BlockdevGetmirrorstatus(disks):
@type disks: list of L{objects.Disk}
@param disks: the list of disks which we should query
@rtype: disk
a list of (mirror_done, estimated_time) tuples, which
are the result of L{bdev.BlockDev.CombinedSyncStatus}
@return: List of L{objects.BlockDevStatus}, one for each disk
@raise errors.BlockDeviceError: if any of the disks cannot be
......@@ -1557,6 +1555,37 @@ def BlockdevGetmirrorstatus(disks):
return stats
def BlockdevGetmirrorstatusMulti(disks):
"""Get the mirroring status of a list of devices.
@type disks: list of L{objects.Disk}
@param disks: the list of disks which we should query
@rtype: disk
@return: List of tuples, (bool, status), one for each disk; bool denotes
success/failure, status is L{objects.BlockDevStatus} on success, string
result = []
for disk in disks:
rbd = _RecursiveFindBD(disk)
if rbd is None:
result.append((False, "Can't find device %s" % disk))
status = rbd.CombinedSyncStatus()
except errors.BlockDeviceError, err:
logging.exception("Error while getting disk status")
result.append((False, str(err)))
result.append((True, status))
assert len(disks) == len(result)
return result
def _RecursiveFindBD(disk):
"""Check if a device is activated.
......@@ -1539,15 +1539,17 @@ class LUVerifyCluster(LogicalUnit):
_ErrorIf(test, self.EINSTANCEWRONGNODE, instance,
"instance should not run on node %s", node)
diskdata = [(nname, disk, idx)
diskdata = [(nname, success, status, idx)
for (nname, disks) in diskstatus.items()
for idx, disk in enumerate(disks)]
for idx, (success, status) in enumerate(disks)]
for nname, bdev_status, idx in diskdata:
_ErrorIf(not bdev_status,
for nname, success, bdev_status, idx in diskdata:
_ErrorIf(instanceconfig.admin_up and not success,
"couldn't retrieve status for disk/%s on %s", idx, nname)
_ErrorIf(bdev_status and bdev_status.ldisk_status == constants.LDS_FAULTY,
"couldn't retrieve status for disk/%s on %s: %s",
idx, nname, bdev_status)
_ErrorIf((instanceconfig.admin_up and success and
bdev_status.ldisk_status == constants.LDS_FAULTY),
"disk/%s on %s is faulty", idx, nname)
......@@ -1057,9 +1057,13 @@ class RpcRunner(object):
[dict((name, [dsk.ToDict() for dsk in disks])
for name, disks in node_disks.items())])
for nres in result.values():
if not nres.fail_msg:
nres.payload = [objects.BlockDevStatus.FromDict(i)
for i in nres.payload]
if nres.fail_msg:
for idx, (success, status) in enumerate(nres.payload):
if success:
nres.payload[idx] = (success, objects.BlockDevStatus.FromDict(status))
return result
......@@ -283,8 +283,15 @@ class NodeHttpServer(http.server.HttpServer):
disks = [objects.Disk.FromDict(dsk_s)
for dsk_s in node_disks.get(node_name, [])]
return [status.ToDict()
for status in backend.BlockdevGetmirrorstatus(disks)]
result = []
for (success, status) in backend.BlockdevGetmirrorstatusMulti(disks):
if success:
result.append((success, status.ToDict()))
result.append((success, status))
return result
def perspective_blockdev_find(params):
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