Commit c522ea02 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Fix parsing of drbdsetup show output

This fixes the parsing of integers in the drbdsetup show output with
newer pyparsing versions.

Basically, the convert-to-int action that we use was taken from the
example documentation of an older pyparsing version that automatically
uses only the second element if the result is returned as a tuple, but
this was deprecated for a while and removed in 1.4.3.

Based on a nice report by Jorge Cabello <>, and
confirmation about pyparsing behaviour from its author. Thanks!

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent 3aecd2c7
......@@ -1702,7 +1702,7 @@ class DRBD8(BaseDRBD):
rbrace = pyp.Literal("}").suppress()
semi = pyp.Literal(";").suppress()
# this also converts the value to an int
number = pyp.Word(pyp.nums).setParseAction(lambda s, l, t:(l, [int(t[0])]))
number = pyp.Word(pyp.nums).setParseAction(lambda s, l, t: int(t[0]))
comment = pyp.Literal ("#") + pyp.Optional(pyp.restOfLine)
defa = pyp.Literal("_is_default").suppress()
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