Commit c300f9c9 authored by Dmitry Chernyak's avatar Dmitry Chernyak Committed by Iustin Pop
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Basic stuff to allocate disks on different VGs

Extend allocation functions to be aware of different vg names.  Suppose,
vg_name is helded in disk.physical_id[0] (already was) LUCreateInstance
is modified to be aware of new "vg" argument of the disk specification.

cfg.GetVGName() will only be used when no VG is specified.

The "add" and "remove" for plain and drbd instances should be correct.
The "move" for plain instance should be correct.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitry Chernyak <>
[ fixed missing parameters in two cases and tabs]
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 5768e6a6
......@@ -6508,13 +6508,12 @@ def _GenerateUniqueNames(lu, exts):
return results
def _GenerateDRBD8Branch(lu, primary, secondary, size, names, iv_name,
def _GenerateDRBD8Branch(lu, primary, secondary, size, vgname, names, iv_name,
p_minor, s_minor):
"""Generate a drbd8 device complete with its children.
port = lu.cfg.AllocatePort()
vgname = lu.cfg.GetVGName()
shared_secret = lu.cfg.GenerateDRBDSecret(lu.proc.GetECId())
dev_data = objects.Disk(dev_type=constants.LD_LV, size=size,
logical_id=(vgname, names[0]))
......@@ -6533,7 +6532,7 @@ def _GenerateDiskTemplate(lu, template_name,
instance_name, primary_node,
secondary_nodes, disk_info,
file_storage_dir, file_driver,
base_index, feedback_fn):
"""Generate the entire disk layout for a given template type.
......@@ -6552,8 +6551,10 @@ def _GenerateDiskTemplate(lu, template_name,
for i in range(disk_count)])
for idx, disk in enumerate(disk_info):
disk_index = idx + base_index
vg = disk.get("vg", vgname)
feedback_fn("* disk %i, vg %s, name %s" % (idx, vg, names[idx]))
disk_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type=constants.LD_LV, size=disk["size"],
logical_id=(vgname, names[idx]),
logical_id=(vg, names[idx]),
iv_name="disk/%d" % disk_index,
......@@ -6571,8 +6572,9 @@ def _GenerateDiskTemplate(lu, template_name,
names.append(lv_prefix + "_meta")
for idx, disk in enumerate(disk_info):
disk_index = idx + base_index
vg = disk.get("vg", vgname)
disk_dev = _GenerateDRBD8Branch(lu, primary_node, remote_node,
disk["size"], names[idx*2:idx*2+2],
disk["size"], vg, names[idx*2:idx*2+2],
"disk/%d" % disk_index,
minors[idx*2], minors[idx*2+1])
disk_dev.mode = disk["mode"]
......@@ -7408,7 +7410,8 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Invalid disk size '%s'" % size,
new_disk = {"size": size, "mode": mode}
vg = disk.get("vg", self.cfg.GetVGName())
new_disk = {"size": size, "mode": mode, "vg": vg}
if "adopt" in disk:
new_disk["adopt"] = disk["adopt"]
......@@ -7593,7 +7596,8 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
iobj = objects.Instance(name=instance, os=self.op.os_type,
......@@ -9389,7 +9393,7 @@ class LUSetInstanceParams(LogicalUnit):
disk_info = [{"size": d.size, "mode": d.mode} for d in instance.disks]
new_disks = _GenerateDiskTemplate(self, self.op.disk_template,, pnode, [snode],
disk_info, None, None, 0)
disk_info, None, None, 0, feedback_fn)
info = _GetInstanceInfoText(instance)
feedback_fn("Creating aditional volumes...")
# first, create the missing data and meta devices
......@@ -9507,7 +9511,7 @@ class LUSetInstanceParams(LogicalUnit):
disk_idx_base, feedback_fn)[0]
info = _GetInstanceInfoText(instance)
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