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Add remote API users and passwords documentation

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......@@ -16,14 +16,60 @@ it runs on TCP port 5080, but this can be changed either in
which is used by default, can also be disabled by passing command line
Users and passwords
``ganeti-rapi`` reads users and passwords from a file (usually
``/var/lib/ganeti/rapi_users``) on startup. After modifying the password
file, ``ganeti-rapi`` must be restarted.
Each line consists of two or three fields separated by whitespace. The
first two fields are for username and password. The third field is
optional and can be used to specify per-user options. Currently,
``write`` is the only option supported and enables the user to execute
operations modifying the cluster. Lines starting with the hash sign (#)
are treated as comments.
Passwords can either be written in clear text or as a hash. Clear text
passwords may not start with an opening brace (``{``) or they must be
prefixed with ``{cleartext}``. To use the hashed form, get the MD5 hash
of the string ``$username:Ganeti Remote API:$password`` (e.g. ``echo -n
'jack:Ganeti Remote API:abc123' | openssl md5``) [#pwhash]_. Using the
scheme prefix for all passwords is recommended. Scheme prefixes are not
case sensitive.
# Give Jack and Fred read-only access
jack abc123
fred {cleartext}foo555
# Give write access to an imaginary instance creation script
autocreator xyz789 write
# Hashed password for Jessica
jessica {HA1}7046452df2cbb530877058712cf17bd4 write
.. [#pwhash] Using the MD5 hash of username, realm and password is
described in RFC2617_ ("HTTP Authentication"), sections and
3.3. The reason for using it over another algorithm is forward
compatibility. If ``ganeti-rapi`` were to implement HTTP Digest
authentication in the future, the same hash could be used.
In the current version ``ganeti-rapi``'s realm, ``Ganeti Remote
API``, can only be changed by modifying the source code.
The protocol used is JSON_ over HTTP designed after the REST_
The protocol used is JSON_ over HTTP designed after the REST_ principle.
HTTP Basic authentication as per RFC2617_ is supported.
.. _JSON:
.. _REST:
.. _RFC2617:
Generic parameters
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