Commit bf93ae69 authored by Adeodato Simo's avatar Adeodato Simo Committed by Guido Trotter
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Split LUClusterVerify into LUClusterVerify{Config,Group}

With this change, LUClusterVerifyConfig becomes a "light" LU that only
verifies the global config and other, master-only settings, and the bulk of
node/instance verification is done by LUClusterVerifyGroup, which only acts
on nodes and instances of a given group.

To ensure that `gnt-cluster verify` continues to operate on the whole
cluster, the client creates an OpClusterVerifyGroup job per node group; for
convenience, the list of node groups is returned by LUClusterVerifyConfig.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAdeodato Simo <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent a5c30dc2
......@@ -453,17 +453,33 @@ def VerifyCluster(opts, args):
@return: the desired exit code
simulate = opts.simulate_errors
skip_checks = []
# Verify cluster config.
op = opcodes.OpClusterVerifyConfig(verbose=opts.verbose,
success, all_groups = SubmitOpCode(op, opts=opts)
if opts.skip_nplusone_mem:
op = opcodes.OpClusterVerify(skip_checks=skip_checks,
if SubmitOpCode(op, opts=opts):
return 0
return 1
jex = JobExecutor(opts=opts, verbose=False)
for group in all_groups:
op = opcodes.OpClusterVerifyGroup(group_name=group,
jex.QueueJob('group ' + group, op)
results = jex.GetResults()
success &= compat.all(r[1][0] for r in results)
return (not success and 1 or 0)
def VerifyDisks(opts, args):
......@@ -1254,7 +1254,7 @@ class LUClusterDestroy(LogicalUnit):
def _VerifyCertificate(filename):
"""Verifies a certificate for LUClusterVerify.
"""Verifies a certificate for LUClusterVerifyConfig.
@type filename: string
@param filename: Path to PEM file
......@@ -1264,7 +1264,7 @@ def _VerifyCertificate(filename):
cert = OpenSSL.crypto.load_certificate(OpenSSL.crypto.FILETYPE_PEM,
except Exception, err: # pylint: disable-msg=W0703
return (LUClusterVerify.ETYPE_ERROR,
return (LUClusterVerifyConfig.ETYPE_ERROR,
"Failed to load X509 certificate %s: %s" % (filename, err))
(errcode, msg) = \
......@@ -1279,9 +1279,9 @@ def _VerifyCertificate(filename):
if errcode is None:
return (None, fnamemsg)
elif errcode == utils.CERT_WARNING:
return (LUClusterVerify.ETYPE_WARNING, fnamemsg)
return (LUClusterVerifyConfig.ETYPE_WARNING, fnamemsg)
elif errcode == utils.CERT_ERROR:
return (LUClusterVerify.ETYPE_ERROR, fnamemsg)
return (LUClusterVerifyConfig.ETYPE_ERROR, fnamemsg)
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Unhandled certificate error code %r" % errcode)
......@@ -1368,10 +1368,43 @@ class _VerifyErrors(object):
self.bad = self.bad or cond
class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
"""Verifies the cluster status.
class LUClusterVerifyConfig(NoHooksLU, _VerifyErrors):
"""Verifies the cluster config.
REQ_BGL = False
def ExpandNames(self):
self.all_group_info = self.cfg.GetAllNodeGroupsInfo()
self.needed_locks = {}
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Verify integrity of cluster, performing various test on nodes.
self.bad = False
self._feedback_fn = feedback_fn
feedback_fn("* Verifying cluster config")
for msg in self.cfg.VerifyConfig():
self._ErrorIf(True, self.ECLUSTERCFG, None, msg)
feedback_fn("* Verifying cluster certificate files")
for cert_filename in constants.ALL_CERT_FILES:
(errcode, msg) = _VerifyCertificate(cert_filename)
self._ErrorIf(errcode, self.ECLUSTERCERT, None, msg, code=errcode)
return (not self.bad, [ for g in self.all_group_info.values()])
class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
"""Verifies the status of a node group.
HPATH = "cluster-verify"
REQ_BGL = False
......@@ -1429,19 +1462,62 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
self.oslist = {}
def ExpandNames(self):
# This raises errors.OpPrereqError on its own:
self.group_uuid = self.cfg.LookupNodeGroup(self.op.group_name)
all_node_info = self.cfg.GetAllNodesInfo()
all_inst_info = self.cfg.GetAllInstancesInfo()
node_names = set(
for node in all_node_info.values()
if == self.group_uuid)
inst_names = [
for inst in all_inst_info.values()
if inst.primary_node in node_names]
self.needed_locks = {
locking.LEVEL_NODE: locking.ALL_SET,
locking.LEVEL_INSTANCE: locking.ALL_SET,
locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP: [self.group_uuid],
locking.LEVEL_NODE: list(node_names),
locking.LEVEL_INSTANCE: inst_names,
self.share_locks = dict.fromkeys(locking.LEVELS, 1)
def CheckPrereq(self):
self.all_node_info = self.cfg.GetAllNodesInfo()
self.all_inst_info = self.cfg.GetAllInstancesInfo()
self.my_node_names = utils.NiceSort(list(self.all_node_info))
self.my_node_info = self.all_node_info
self.my_inst_names = utils.NiceSort(list(self.all_inst_info))
self.my_inst_info = self.all_inst_info
group_nodes = set(
for node in self.all_node_info.values()
if == self.group_uuid)
group_instances = set(
for inst in self.all_inst_info.values()
if inst.primary_node in group_nodes)
unlocked_nodes = \
unlocked_instances = \
if unlocked_nodes:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("missing lock for nodes: %s" %
if unlocked_instances:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("missing lock for instances: %s" %
self.my_node_names = utils.NiceSort(group_nodes)
self.my_inst_names = utils.NiceSort(group_instances)
self.my_node_info = dict((name, self.all_node_info[name])
for name in self.my_node_names)
self.my_inst_info = dict((name, self.all_inst_info[name])
for name in self.my_inst_names)
def _VerifyNode(self, ninfo, nresult):
"""Perform some basic validation on data returned from a node.
......@@ -2241,7 +2317,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
return ([], self.my_node_names)
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Verify integrity of cluster, performing various test on nodes.
"""Verify integrity of the node group, performing various test on nodes.
# This method has too many local variables. pylint: disable-msg=R0914
......@@ -2249,14 +2325,6 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
_ErrorIf = self._ErrorIf # pylint: disable-msg=C0103
verbose = self.op.verbose
self._feedback_fn = feedback_fn
feedback_fn("* Verifying global settings")
for msg in self.cfg.VerifyConfig():
_ErrorIf(True, self.ECLUSTERCFG, None, msg)
# Check the cluster certificates
for cert_filename in constants.ALL_CERT_FILES:
(errcode, msg) = _VerifyCertificate(cert_filename)
_ErrorIf(errcode, self.ECLUSTERCERT, None, msg, code=errcode)
vg_name = self.cfg.GetVGName()
drbd_helper = self.cfg.GetDRBDHelper()
......@@ -513,8 +513,19 @@ class OpClusterQuery(OpCode):
"""Query cluster information."""
class OpClusterVerify(OpCode):
"""Verify the cluster state.
class OpClusterVerifyConfig(OpCode):
"""Verify the cluster config.
("verbose", False, ht.TBool, None),
("error_codes", False, ht.TBool, None),
("debug_simulate_errors", False, ht.TBool, None),
class OpClusterVerifyGroup(OpCode):
"""Run verify on a node group from the cluster.
@type skip_checks: C{list}
@ivar skip_checks: steps to be skipped from the verify process; this
......@@ -523,7 +534,9 @@ class OpClusterVerify(OpCode):
only L{constants.VERIFY_NPLUSONE_MEM} can be passed
OP_DSC_FIELD = "group_name"
("group_name", ht.NoDefault, ht.TNonEmptyString, None),
("skip_checks", ht.EmptyList,
ht.TListOf(ht.TElemOf(constants.VERIFY_OPTIONAL_CHECKS)), None),
("verbose", False, ht.TBool, None),
......@@ -57,12 +57,12 @@ class TestCertVerification(testutils.GanetiTestCase):
nonexist_filename = os.path.join(self.tmpdir, "does-not-exist")
(errcode, msg) = cmdlib._VerifyCertificate(nonexist_filename)
self.assertEqual(errcode, cmdlib.LUClusterVerify.ETYPE_ERROR)
self.assertEqual(errcode, cmdlib.LUClusterVerifyConfig.ETYPE_ERROR)
# Try to load non-certificate file
invalid_cert = self._TestDataFilename("bdev-net.txt")
(errcode, msg) = cmdlib._VerifyCertificate(invalid_cert)
self.assertEqual(errcode, cmdlib.LUClusterVerify.ETYPE_ERROR)
self.assertEqual(errcode, cmdlib.LUClusterVerifyConfig.ETYPE_ERROR)
class TestOpcodeParams(testutils.GanetiTestCase):
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