Commit be499e31 authored by Agata Murawska's avatar Agata Murawska
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Cluster-level instance policy - other

Signed-off-by: default avatarAgata Murawska <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent e1a6850f
......@@ -448,6 +448,11 @@ def ShowClusterConfig(opts, args):
ToStdout("Default nic parameters:")
_PrintGroupedParams(result["nicparams"], roman=opts.roman_integers)
ToStdout("Instance policy - limits for instances:")
for key in constants.IPOLICY_PARAMETERS:
ToStdout(" - %s", key)
_PrintGroupedParams(result["ipolicy"][key], roman=opts.roman_integers)
return 0
......@@ -5830,6 +5830,7 @@ class LUClusterQuery(NoHooksLU):
"os_hvp": os_hvp,
"beparams": cluster.beparams,
"osparams": cluster.osparams,
"ipolicy": cluster.ipolicy,
"nicparams": cluster.nicparams,
"ndparams": cluster.ndparams,
"candidate_pool_size": cluster.candidate_pool_size,
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