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Fix casings of program names, add URLs, add info about PyYAML.

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Installation of the software
Software Requirements
Before installing, please verify that you have the following programs:
- lvm 2
- ssh
- drbd (kernel module and userspace utils)
- LVM2
- OpenSSH
- DRBD (kernel module and userspace utils)
- fping
- python twisted library (the core is enough)
- python openssl bindings
- Python Twisted library (the core is enough)
- Python OpenSSL bindings
For testing, you also need the YAML module for Python,
Installation of the software
To install, simply do ./configure && make && make install
......@@ -15,6 +27,7 @@ This will install the software under /usr/local. You then need to copy
ganeti.init to /etc/init.d and integrate it into your boot sequence
(``chkconfig``, ``update-rc.d``, etc.).
Cluster initialisation
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