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Update NEWS file for 2.1.2

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Version 2.1.2
Another release with a long development cycle, during which many
different features were added.
Significant features
The KVM hypervisor now can run the individual instances as non-root, to
reduce the impact of a VM being hijacked due to bugs in the
hypervisor. It is possible to run all instances as a single (non-root)
user, to manually specify a user for each instance, or to dynamically
allocate a user out of a cluster-wide pool to each instance, with the
guarantee that no two instances will run under the same user ID on any
given node.
An experimental RAPI client library, that can be used standalone
(without the other Ganeti libraries), is provided in the source tree as
``lib/rapi/``. Note this client might change its interface in
the future, as we iterate on its capabilities.
A new command, ``gnt-cluster renew-crypto`` has been added to easily
replace the cluster's certificates and crypto keys. This might help in
case they have been compromised, or have simply expired.
A new disk option for instance creation has been added that allows one
to "adopt" currently existing logical volumes, with data
preservation. This should allow easier migration to Ganeti from
unmanaged (or managed via other software) instances.
Another disk improvement is the possibility to convert between redundant
(DRBD) and plain (LVM) disk configuration for an instance. This should
allow better scalability (starting with one node and growing the
cluster, or shrinking a two-node cluster to one node).
A new feature that could help with automated node failovers has been
implemented: if a node sees itself as offline (by querying the master
candidates), it will try to shutdown (hard) all instances and any active
DRBD devices. This reduces the risk of duplicate instances if an
external script automatically failovers the instances on such nodes. To
enable this, the cluster parameter ``maintain_node_health`` should be
enabled; in the future this option (per the name) will enable other
automatic maintenance features.
Instance export/import now will reuse the original instance
specifications for all parameters; that means exporting an instance,
deleting it and the importing it back should give an almost identical
instance. Note that the default import behaviour has changed from
before, where it created only one NIC; now it recreates the original
number of NICs.
Cluster verify has added a few new checks: SSL certificates validity,
/etc/hosts consistency across the cluster, etc.
Other changes
As usual, many internal changes were done, documentation fixes,
etc. Among others:
- Fixed cluster initialization with disabled cluster storage (regression
introduced in 2.1.1)
- File-based storage supports growing the disks
- Fixed behaviour of node role changes
- Fixed cluster verify for some corner cases, plus a general rewrite of
cluster verify to allow future extension with more checks
- Fixed log spamming by watcher and node daemon (regression introduced
in 2.1.1)
- Fixed possible validation issues when changing the list of enabled
- Fixed cleanup of /etc/hosts during node removal
- Fixed RAPI response for invalid methods
- Fixed bug with hashed passwords in ``ganeti-rapi`` daemon
- Multiple small improvements to the KVM hypervisor (VNC usage, booting
from ide disks, etc.)
- Allow OS changes without re-installation (to record a changed OS
outside of Ganeti, or to allow OS renames)
- Allow instance creation without OS installation (useful for example if
the OS will be installed manually, or restored from a backup not in
Ganeti format)
- Implemented option to make cluster ``copyfile`` use the replication
- Added list of enabled hypervisors to ssconf (possibly useful for
external scripts)
- Added a new tool (``tools/cfgupgrade12``) that allows upgrading from
1.2 clusters
- A partial form of node re-IP is possible via node readd, which now
allows changed node primary IP
- Command line utilities now show an informational message if the job is
waiting for a lock
- The logs of the master daemon now show the PID/UID/GID of the
connected client
Version 2.1.1
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