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Man page for ganeti-confd

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<refmiscinfo>ganeti 2.1</refmiscinfo>
<refpurpose>ganeti conf daemon</refpurpose>
<command>&dhpackage; </command>
<command>&dhpackage;</command> is a daemon used to answer queries related
to the configuration of a Ganeti cluster.
For testing purposes, you can give the <option>-f</option>
option and the program won't detach from the running terminal.
Debug-level message can be activated by giving the
<option>-d</option> option.
The role of the conf daemon is to make sure we have a highly available
and very fast way to query cluster configuration values. This daemon is
automatically active on all master candidates, and so has no single
point of failure. It communicates via UDP so each query can easily be
sent to multiple servers, and it answers queries from a cached copy of
the config it keeps in memory, so no disk access is required to get an
The config is reloaded from disk automatically when it changes, with a
rate limit of once per second.
If the conf daemon is stopped on all nodes, its clients won't be able
to get query answers.
The confd protocol is an HMAC authenticated json-encoded custom format,
over UDP. A client library is provided to make it easy to write
software to query confd. More information can be found in the Ganeti
2.1 design doc, and an example usage can be seen in the (external) nbma
daemon for ganeti.
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