Commit a1d79fc6 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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KVM: add a _CONF_DIR

Currently we keep pid files and control files. In the conf dir we'll
also keep the data to start the instance anew, and the network
interface scripts. These will then be copied to a separate area (since
_CONF_DIR could be mounted 'noexec') and used to start the instance.

This patch also adds comments to state what the various directories are
used for.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent c4fbefc8
......@@ -39,9 +39,10 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
"""KVM hypervisor interface"""
_ROOT_DIR = constants.RUN_GANETI_DIR + "/kvm-hypervisor"
_PIDS_DIR = _ROOT_DIR + "/pid"
_CTRL_DIR = _ROOT_DIR + "/ctrl"
_PIDS_DIR = _ROOT_DIR + "/pid" # contains live instances pids
_CTRL_DIR = _ROOT_DIR + "/ctrl" # contains instances control sockets
_CONF_DIR = _ROOT_DIR + "/conf" # contains instances startup data
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