Commit a160c28e authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Rework the tiered spec output format

parent 12e6776a
......@@ -296,10 +296,10 @@ main = do
ix_byspec = groupBy ((==) `on` Instance.specOf) fin_trl_ixes
spec_map = map (\ixs -> (Instance.specOf $ head ixs, length ixs))
ix_byspec::[(RSpec, Int)]
spec_map' = map (\(idx, (spec, cnt)) ->
printf "%dx%dx%dx%d=%d" idx (rspecCpu spec)
(rspecMem spec) (rspecDsk spec) cnt)
$ zip ([1..]::[Int]) spec_map::[String]
spec_map' = map (\(spec, cnt) ->
printf "%d,%d,%d=%d" (rspecMem spec)
(rspecDsk spec) (rspecCpu spec) cnt)
when (verbose > 1) $ do
hPutStrLn stderr "Tiered allocation map"
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