Commit 99e8295c authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Cleanup LV status computation

Currently, when seeing if a LV is degraded or not (i.e. virtual volume),
we first attach to the device (which does an lvdisplay), then do a lvs
in order to display the lv_attr. This generates two external commands to
do (almost) the same thing.

This patch changes the Attach() method for LVs to call lvs and display
both the major/minor (needed for attach) and the lv_status (needed for
GetSyncStatus). Thus, later in GetSyncStatus, we don't need to run lvs
again, and instead just return the value computed in Attach().

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent 7a47c582
......@@ -287,6 +287,8 @@ class LogicalVolume(BlockDev):
raise ValueError("Invalid configuration data %s" % str(unique_id))
self._vg_name, self._lv_name = unique_id
self.dev_path = "/dev/%s/%s" % (self._vg_name, self._lv_name)
self._degraded = True
self.major = self.minor = None
......@@ -392,19 +394,35 @@ class LogicalVolume(BlockDev):
result = utils.RunCmd(["lvdisplay", self.dev_path])
result = utils.RunCmd(["lvs", "--noheadings", "--separator=,",
if result.failed:
logger.Error("Can't find LV %s: %s, %s" %
(self.dev_path, result.fail_reason, result.output))
return False
match = re.compile("^ *Block device *([0-9]+):([0-9]+).*$")
for line in result.stdout.splitlines():
match_result = match.match(line)
if match_result:
self.major = int(
self.minor = int(
return True
return False
out = result.stdout.strip().rstrip(',')
out = out.split(",")
if len(out) != 3:
logger.Error("Can't parse LVS output, len(%s) != 3" % str(out))
return False
status, major, minor = out[:3]
if len(status) != 6:
logger.Error("lvs lv_attr is not 6 characters (%s)" % status)
return False
major = int(major)
minor = int(minor)
except ValueError, err:
logger.Error("lvs major/minor cannot be parsed: %s" % str(err))
self.major = major
self.minor = minor
self._degraded = status[0] == 'v' # virtual volume, i.e. doesn't backing
# storage
return True
def Assemble(self):
"""Assemble the device.
......@@ -448,20 +466,10 @@ class LogicalVolume(BlockDev):
physical disk failure and subsequent 'vgreduce --removemissing' on
the volume group.
The status was already read in Attach, so we just return it.
result = utils.RunCmd(["lvs", "--noheadings", "-olv_attr", self.dev_path])
if result.failed:
logger.Error("Can't display lv: %s - %s" %
(result.fail_reason, result.output))
return None, None, True, True
out = result.stdout.strip()
# format: type/permissions/alloc/fixed_minor/state/open
if len(out) != 6:
logger.Debug("Error in lvs output: attrs=%s, len != 6" % out)
return None, None, True, True
ldisk = out[0] == 'v' # virtual volume, i.e. doesn't have
# backing storage
return None, None, ldisk, ldisk
return None, None, self._degraded, self._degraded
def Open(self, force=False):
"""Make the device ready for I/O.
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