Commit 95b487bb authored by Flavio Silvestrow's avatar Flavio Silvestrow Committed by Guido Trotter
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confd: query the pnode of multiple instances at once

Signed-off-by: default avatarFlavio Silvestrow <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 3782acd7
......@@ -139,34 +139,55 @@ class NodeRoleQuery(ConfdQuery):
class InstanceIpToNodePrimaryIpQuery(ConfdQuery):
"""A query for the location of an instance's ip.
"""A query for the location of one or more instance's ips.
It returns the primary ip of the node hosting the instance having the
requested ip address, or an error if no such address is known.
Given a list of instance IPs, returns an ordered list with the same
number of elements as the input. Each element of the list is a tuple
containing the status (success or failure) and the content of the
query (IP of the primary node if successful, error constant if not).
If a string (instance's IP) is given instead of a list it will return
a single tuple, as opposed to a 1-element list containing that tuple.
def Exec(self, query):
"""InstanceIpToNodePrimaryIpQuery main execution.
instance_ip = query
instance = self.reader.GetInstanceByIp(instance_ip)
if instance is None:
if isinstance(query, list):
instances_list = query
instances_list = [query]
pnodes_list = []
for instance_ip in instances_list:
instance = self.reader.GetInstanceByIp(instance_ip)
if not instance:
logging.debug("Invalid instance IP: %s" % instance)
pnode = self.reader.GetInstancePrimaryNode(instance)
if pnode is None:
# this shouldn't happen
logging.error("Internal configuration inconsistent (instance-to-pnode)")
pnode = self.reader.GetInstancePrimaryNode(instance)
if not pnode:
logging.error("Instance '%s' doesn't have an associated primary"
" node" % instance)
pnode_primary_ip = self.reader.GetNodePrimaryIp(pnode)
if pnode_primary_ip is None:
# this shouldn't happen
logging.error("Internal configuration inconsistent (node-to-primary-ip)")
pnode_primary_ip = self.reader.GetNodePrimaryIp(pnode)
if not pnode_primary_ip:
logging.error("Primary node '%s' doesn't have an associated"
" primary IP" % pnode)
return constants.CONFD_REPL_STATUS_OK, pnode_primary_ip
pnodes_list.append((constants.CONFD_REPL_STATUS_OK, pnode_primary_ip))
# If input was a string, return a tuple instead of a 1-element list
if isinstance(query, basestring):
return pnodes_list[0]
return constants.CONFD_REPL_STATUS_OK, pnodes_list
class NodesPipsQuery(ConfdQuery):
......@@ -225,4 +246,3 @@ class InstancesIpsQuery(ConfdQuery):
answer = self.reader.GetInstancesIps(link)
return status, answer
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