Commit 94e63ca1 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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RAPI QA: Support for request body

- Add support for sending JSON-encoded body to RAPI daemon
  (required to test more complex resources)
- Expand names when testing resources against config
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent f2f88abf
......@@ -83,10 +83,8 @@ class RapiRequest(urllib2.Request):
def __init__(self, url, data=None, headers={}, origin_req_host=None,
unverifiable=False, method="GET"):
urllib2.Request.__init__(self, url, data, headers, origin_req_host,
def __init__(self, method, url, headers, data):
urllib2.Request.__init__(self, url, data=data, headers=headers)
self._method = method
def get_method(self):
......@@ -104,6 +102,12 @@ NODE_FIELDS = ("name", "dtotal", "dfree",
"mtotal", "mnode", "mfree",
"pinst_cnt", "sinst_cnt", "tags")
JOB_FIELDS = frozenset([
"id", "ops", "status", "summary",
"opstatus", "opresult", "oplog",
"received_ts", "start_ts", "end_ts",
LIST_FIELDS = ("id", "uri")
......@@ -118,15 +122,35 @@ def _DoTests(uris):
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
host = master["primary"]
port = qa_config.get("rapi-port", default=constants.DEFAULT_RAPI_PORT)
results = []
for uri, verify, method in uris:
for uri, verify, method, body in uris:
assert uri.startswith("/")
url = "https://%s:%s%s" % (host, port, uri)
print "Testing %s ..." % url
headers = {}
if body:
data = serializer.DumpJson(body, indent=False)
headers["Content-Type"] = "application/json"
data = None
if headers or data:
details = []
if headers:
details.append("headers=%s" %
serializer.DumpJson(headers, indent=False).rstrip())
if data:
details.append("data=%s" % data.rstrip())
info = "(%s)" % (", ".join(details), )
info = ""
req = RapiRequest(url, method=method)
print "Testing %s %s %s..." % (method, url, info)
req = RapiRequest(method, url, headers, data)
response = OpenerFactory.Opener().open(req)
AssertEqual(["Content-type"], "application/json")
......@@ -139,13 +163,21 @@ def _DoTests(uris):
AssertEqual(data, verify)
return results
def _VerifyReturnsJob(data):
AssertMatch(data, r'^\d+$')
def TestVersion():
"""Testing remote API version.
("/version", constants.RAPI_VERSION, 'GET'),
("/version", constants.RAPI_VERSION, 'GET', None),
......@@ -153,17 +185,18 @@ def TestEmptyCluster():
"""Testing remote API on an empty cluster.
master_name = qa_config.GetMasterNode()["primary"]
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
master_full = qa_utils.ResolveNodeName(master)
def _VerifyInfo(data):
AssertIn("name", data)
AssertIn("master", data)
AssertEqual(data["master"], master_name)
AssertEqual(data["master"], master_full)
def _VerifyNodes(data):
master_entry = {
"id": master_name,
"uri": "/2/nodes/%s" % master_name,
"id": master_full,
"uri": "/2/nodes/%s" % master_full,
AssertIn(master_entry, data)
......@@ -173,14 +206,14 @@ def TestEmptyCluster():
AssertIn(entry, node)
("/", None, 'GET'),
("/2/info", _VerifyInfo, 'GET'),
("/2/tags", None, 'GET'),
("/2/nodes", _VerifyNodes, 'GET'),
("/2/nodes?bulk=1", _VerifyNodesBulk, 'GET'),
("/2/instances", [], 'GET'),
("/2/instances?bulk=1", [], 'GET'),
("/2/os", None, 'GET'),
("/", None, 'GET', None),
("/2/info", _VerifyInfo, 'GET', None),
("/2/tags", None, 'GET', None),
("/2/nodes", _VerifyNodes, 'GET', None),
("/2/nodes?bulk=1", _VerifyNodesBulk, 'GET', None),
("/2/instances", [], 'GET', None),
("/2/instances?bulk=1", [], 'GET', None),
("/2/os", None, 'GET', None),
......@@ -201,15 +234,14 @@ def TestInstance(instance):
for instance_data in data:
def _VerifyReturnsJob(data):
AssertMatch(data, r'^\d+$')
("/2/instances/%s" % instance["name"], _VerifyInstance, 'GET'),
("/2/instances", _VerifyInstancesList, 'GET'),
("/2/instances?bulk=1", _VerifyInstancesBulk, 'GET'),
("/2/instances/%s/activate-disks" % instance["name"], _VerifyReturnsJob, 'PUT'),
("/2/instances/%s/deactivate-disks" % instance["name"], _VerifyReturnsJob, 'PUT'),
("/2/instances/%s" % instance["name"], _VerifyInstance, 'GET', None),
("/2/instances", _VerifyInstancesList, 'GET', None),
("/2/instances?bulk=1", _VerifyInstancesBulk, 'GET', None),
("/2/instances/%s/activate-disks" % instance["name"],
_VerifyReturnsJob, 'PUT', None),
("/2/instances/%s/deactivate-disks" % instance["name"],
_VerifyReturnsJob, 'PUT', None),
......@@ -231,9 +263,9 @@ def TestNode(node):
("/2/nodes/%s" % node["primary"], _VerifyNode, 'GET'),
("/2/nodes", _VerifyNodesList, 'GET'),
("/2/nodes?bulk=1", _VerifyNodesBulk, 'GET'),
("/2/nodes/%s" % node["primary"], _VerifyNode, 'GET', None),
("/2/nodes", _VerifyNodesList, 'GET', None),
("/2/nodes?bulk=1", _VerifyNodesBulk, 'GET', None),
......@@ -251,14 +283,8 @@ def TestTags(kind, name, tags):
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Unknown tag kind")
def _VerifyTags(data):
# Create copies to modify
should = tags[:]
returned = data[:]
AssertEqual(should, returned)
AssertEqual(sorted(tags), sorted(data))
(uri, _VerifyTags, 'GET'),
(uri, _VerifyTags, 'GET', None),
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