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Change logival volume names to not be based on the instance's name, but

instead use an UUID prefix and a suffix denoting the disk iv_name
(sda/sdb) and possibly it's type (data/meta).

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent e31c43f7
......@@ -2300,23 +2300,36 @@ def _CreateBlockDevOnSecondary(cfg, node, device, force):
return True
def _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, vgname, primary, secondary, size, base):
def _GenerateUniqueNames(cfg, exts):
"""Generate a suitable LV name.
This will generate a logical volume name for the given instance.
results = []
for val in exts:
new_id = cfg.GenerateUniqueID()
results.append("%s%s" % (new_id, val))
return results
def _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, primary, secondary, size, names):
"""Generate a drbd device complete with its children.
port = cfg.AllocatePort()
base = "%s_%s" % (base, port)
vgname = cfg.GetVGName()
dev_data = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=size,
logical_id=(vgname, "" % base))
logical_id=(vgname, names[0]))
dev_meta = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=128,
logical_id=(vgname, "%s.meta" % base))
logical_id=(vgname, names[1]))
drbd_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type="drbd", size=size,
logical_id = (primary, secondary, port),
children = [dev_data, dev_meta])
return drbd_dev
def _GenerateDiskTemplate(cfg, vgname, template_name,
def _GenerateDiskTemplate(cfg, template_name,
instance_name, primary_node,
secondary_nodes, disk_sz, swap_sz):
"""Generate the entire disk layout for a given template type.
......@@ -2324,34 +2337,39 @@ def _GenerateDiskTemplate(cfg, vgname, template_name,
#TODO: compute space requirements
vgname = cfg.GetVGName()
if template_name == "diskless":
disks = []
elif template_name == "plain":
if len(secondary_nodes) != 0:
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Wrong template configuration")
names = _GenerateUniqueNames(cfg, [".sda", ".sdb"])
sda_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=disk_sz,
logical_id=(vgname, "%s.os" % instance_name),
logical_id=(vgname, names[0]),
iv_name = "sda")
sdb_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=swap_sz,
logical_id=(vgname, "%s.swap" % instance_name),
logical_id=(vgname, names[1]),
iv_name = "sdb")
disks = [sda_dev, sdb_dev]
elif template_name == "local_raid1":
if len(secondary_nodes) != 0:
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Wrong template configuration")
names = _GenerateUniqueNames(cfg, [".sda_m1", ".sda_m2",
".sdb_m1", ".sdb_m2"])
sda_dev_m1 = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=disk_sz,
logical_id=(vgname, "%s.os_m1" % instance_name))
logical_id=(vgname, names[0]))
sda_dev_m2 = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=disk_sz,
logical_id=(vgname, "%s.os_m2" % instance_name))
logical_id=(vgname, names[1]))
md_sda_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type="md_raid1", iv_name = "sda",
children = [sda_dev_m1, sda_dev_m2])
sdb_dev_m1 = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=swap_sz,
logical_id=(vgname, "%s.swap_m1" %
logical_id=(vgname, names[2]))
sdb_dev_m2 = objects.Disk(dev_type="lvm", size=swap_sz,
logical_id=(vgname, "%s.swap_m2" %
logical_id=(vgname, names[3]))
md_sdb_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type="md_raid1", iv_name = "sdb",
children = [sdb_dev_m1, sdb_dev_m2])
......@@ -2360,14 +2378,14 @@ def _GenerateDiskTemplate(cfg, vgname, template_name,
if len(secondary_nodes) != 1:
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Wrong template configuration")
remote_node = secondary_nodes[0]
drbd_sda_dev = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, vgname,
primary_node, remote_node, disk_sz,
"%s-sda" % instance_name)
names = _GenerateUniqueNames(cfg, [".sda_data", ".sda_meta",
".sdb_data", ".sdb_meta"])
drbd_sda_dev = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, primary_node, remote_node,
disk_sz, names[0:2])
md_sda_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type="md_raid1", iv_name="sda",
children = [drbd_sda_dev], size=disk_sz)
drbd_sdb_dev = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, vgname,
primary_node, remote_node, swap_sz,
"%s-sdb" % instance_name)
drbd_sdb_dev = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, primary_node, remote_node,
swap_sz, names[2:4])
md_sdb_dev = objects.Disk(dev_type="md_raid1", iv_name="sdb",
children = [drbd_sdb_dev], size=swap_sz)
disks = [md_sda_dev, md_sdb_dev]
......@@ -2644,7 +2662,7 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
if self.inst_ip is not None:
nic.ip = self.inst_ip
disks = _GenerateDiskTemplate(self.cfg, self.cfg.GetVGName(),
disks = _GenerateDiskTemplate(self.cfg,
instance, pnode_name,
self.secondaries, self.op.disk_size,
......@@ -2829,10 +2847,10 @@ class LUAddMDDRBDComponent(LogicalUnit):
instance = self.instance
remote_node = self.remote_node
new_drbd = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(self.cfg, self.cfg.GetVGName(),
instance.primary_node, remote_node,
disk.size, "%s-%s" %
(, self.op.disk_name))
lv_names = [".%s_%s" % (disk.iv_name, suf) for suf in ["data", "meta"]]
names = _GenerateUniqueNames(self.cfg, lv_names)
new_drbd = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(self.cfg, instance.primary_node,
remote_node, disk.size, names)
logger.Info("adding new mirror component on secondary")
......@@ -3027,9 +3045,10 @@ class LUReplaceDisks(LogicalUnit):
vgname = cfg.GetVGName()
for dev in instance.disks:
size = dev.size
new_drbd = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, vgname, instance.primary_node,
remote_node, size,
"%s-%s" % (, dev.iv_name))
lv_names = [".%s_%s" % (dev.iv_name, suf) for suf in ["data", "meta"]]
names = _GenerateUniqueNames(cfg, lv_names)
new_drbd = _GenerateMDDRBDBranch(cfg, instance.primary_node,
remote_node, size, names)
iv_names[dev.iv_name] = (dev, dev.children[0], new_drbd)
logger.Info("adding new mirror component on secondary for %s" %
......@@ -46,6 +46,22 @@ from ganeti import constants
from ganeti import rpc
from ganeti import objects
def _my_uuidgen():
"""Poor-man's uuidgen using the uuidgen binary.
result = utils.RunCmd(["uuidgen", "-r"])
if result.failed:
return None
return result.stdout.rstrip('\n')
import uuid
_uuidgen = uuid.uuid4
except ImportError:
_uuidgen = _my_uuidgen
class ConfigWriter:
"""The interface to the cluster configuration.
......@@ -61,6 +77,7 @@ class ConfigWriter:
self._cfg_file = constants.CLUSTER_CONF_FILE
self._cfg_file = cfg_file
self._temporary_ids = set()
# this method needs to be static, so that we can call it on the class
......@@ -93,6 +110,52 @@ class ConfigWriter:
raise errors.ConfigurationError, ("Can't generate unique MAC")
return mac
def _ComputeAllLVs(self):
"""Compute the list of all LVs.
lvnames = set()
for instance in self._config_data.instances.values():
node_data = instance.MapLVsByNode()
for lv_list in node_data.values():
return lvnames
def GenerateUniqueID(self, exceptions=None):
"""Generate an unique disk name.
This checks the current node, instances and disk names for
- exceptions: a list with some other names which should be checked
for uniqueness (used for example when you want to get
more than one id at one time without adding each one in
turn to the config file
Returns: the unique id as a string
existing = set()
if exceptions is not None:
retries = 64
while retries > 0:
unique_id = _uuidgen()
if unique_id not in existing and unique_id is not None:
raise errors.ConfigurationError, ("Not able generate an unique ID"
" (last tried ID: %s" % unique_id)
return unique_id
def _AllMACs(self):
"""Return all MACs present in the config.
......@@ -133,7 +196,6 @@ class ConfigWriter:
return result
def SetDiskID(self, disk, node_name):
"""Convert the unique ID to the ID needed on the target nodes.
......@@ -235,6 +297,9 @@ class ConfigWriter:
if not isinstance(instance, objects.Instance):
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Invalid type passed to AddInstance")
all_lvs = instance.MapLVsByNode()
logger.Info("Instance '%s' DISK_LAYOUT: %s" % (, all_lvs))
self._config_data.instances[] = instance
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