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Update NEWS for Ganeti 2.1

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Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
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Version 2.1.0
Ganeti 2.1 brings many improvements with it. Major changes:
- Added infrastructure to ease automated disk repairs
- Added new daemon to export configuration data in a cheaper way than
using the remote API
- Instance NICs can now be routed instead of being associated with a
networking bridge
- Improved job locking logic to reduce impact of jobs acquiring multiple
locks waiting for other long-running jobs
Detailed implementation details can be found in the Ganeti 2.1 design
- Added chroot hypervisor
- Added more options to xen-hvm hypervisor (``kernel_path`` and
- Added more options to xen-pvm hypervisor (``use_bootloader``,
``bootloader_path`` and ``bootloader_args``)
- Added luxi call to submit multiple jobs in one go
- Added cluster initialization time option to not modify ``/etc/hosts``
file on nodes
- Added network interface parameters
- Added dry run mode to some LUs
- Added RAPI resources:
- ``/2/instances/[instance_name]/info``
- ``/2/instances/[instance_name]/replace-disks``
- ``/2/nodes/[node_name]/evacuate``
- ``/2/nodes/[node_name]/migrate``
- ``/2/nodes/[node_name]/role``
- ``/2/nodes/[node_name]/storage``
- ``/2/nodes/[node_name]/storage/modify``
- ``/2/nodes/[node_name]/storage/repair``
- Added OpCodes to evacuate or migrate all instances on a node
- Added new command to list physical volumes on nodes (``gnt-node
physical-volumes``) and to modify them (``gnt-node modify-volume``)
- Added new ssconf files with master candidate IP address
(``ssconf_master_candidates_ips``), node primary IP address
(``ssconf_node_primary_ips``) and node secondary IP address
- Added ``ganeti-confd`` and a client library to query the Ganeti
configuration via UDP
- Added ability to run hooks after cluster initialization and before
cluster destruction
- Added automatic mode for disk replace (``gnt-instance replace-disks
- Added ``gnt-node repair-volume`` command to repair damanged LVM volume
- Added ``gnt-instance move`` command to move instances
- Added ``gnt-cluster watcher`` command to control watcher
- Added ``gnt-node powercycle`` command to powercycle nodes
- Added new job status field ``lock_status``
- Added parseable error codes to cluster verification (``gnt-cluster
verify --error-codes``) and made output less verbose (use
``--verbose`` to restore previous behaviour)
- Added UUIDs to all config entities
- Added support for OS variants
- Added more unittests
- Fixed critical bug in ganeti-masterd startup
- Pass ``INSTANCE_REINSTALL`` variable to OS installation script when
reinstalling an instance
- Converted to Sphinx ( for documentation
- Many documentation updates
- Distribute hypervisor files on ``gnt-cluster redist-conf``
- ``gnt-instance reinstall`` can now reinstall multiple instances
- Updated many command line parameters
- Introduced new OS API version 15
- No longer support a default hypervisor
- Treat virtual LVs as inexistent
- Improved job locking logic to reduce lock contention
- Match instance and node names case insensitively
- Reimplemented bash completion script to be more complete
- Improved burnin
Version 2.0.4
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