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luxi: close and reopen the socket on errors

This is less of an actual issue for regular gnt-* clients, but it's
easily reproducible with burnin and possible with RAPI (depending on how
the program uses luxi.Client(s)).

In case of burnin, if we interrupt the client (^C) while it polls the
job, it will abort and raise an error. After that, burnin issues a
remove instance job, and at this point, we send the submit job (remove)
call but the first thing we read from the socket will be the response to
the previous poll job request, since that was queued already from the

To solve this, whenever we detect an error in Transport.Call(), we close
that transport and re-create a new one, to start anew. The other
alternative would be to introduce a sequence to the protocol, but this
is something that would be design-level change and it's not recommended
at this stage.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent ca77edbc
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
"""Module for the unix socket protocol
This module implements the local unix socket protocl. You only need
This module implements the local unix socket protocol. You only need
this module and the opcodes module in the client program in order to
communicate with the master.
......@@ -252,7 +252,32 @@ class Client(object):
if address is None:
address = constants.MASTER_SOCKET
self.transport = transport(address, timeouts=timeouts)
self.address = address
self.timeouts = timeouts
self.transport_class = transport
self.transport = None
def _InitTransport(self):
"""(Re)initialize the transport if needed.
if self.transport is None:
self.transport = self.transport_class(self.address,
def _CloseTransport(self):
"""Close the transport, ignoring errors.
if self.transport is None:
old_transp = self.transport
self.transport = None
except Exception, err:
def CallMethod(self, method, args):
"""Send a generic request and return the response.
......@@ -264,8 +289,18 @@ class Client(object):
KEY_ARGS: args,
# Serialize the request
send_data = serializer.DumpJson(request, indent=False)
# Send request and wait for response
result = self.transport.Call(serializer.DumpJson(request, indent=False))
result = self.transport.Call(send_data)
except Exception:
# Parse the result
data = serializer.LoadJson(result)
except Exception, err:
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