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Add note about lvm.conf tuning

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent a0e7cec8
......@@ -527,6 +527,21 @@ vgcreate xenvg /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1
pvcreate /dev/sdd1
vgextend xenvg /dev/sdd1
It is recommended to configure LVM not to scan the DRBD
devices for physical volumes. This can be accomplished by
editing <filename>/etc/lvm/lvm.conf</filename> and adding
the <literal>/dev/drbd[0-9]+</literal> regular expression to
the <literal>filter</literal> variable, like this:
filter = [ "r|/dev/cdrom|", "r|/dev/drbd[0-9]+|" ]
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