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Add initial 2.1 design doc

This document contains a skeleton for the 2.1 design process.
For now it just has introductory paragraphs and a structure for the
various areas' design, but some sections still don't have a text, as
we're still in the early design phases.
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Ganeti 2.1 design
This document describes the major changes in Ganeti 2.1 compared to
the 2.0 version.
The 2.1 version will be a relatively small release. Its main aim is to avoid
changing too much of the core code, while addressing issues and adding new
features and improvements over 2.0, in a timely fashion.
.. contents:: :depth: 3
Ganeti 2.1 will add features to help further automatization of cluster
operations, further improbe scalability to even bigger clusters, and make it
easier to debug the Ganeti core.
Detailed design
As for 2.0 we divide the 2.1 design into three areas:
- core changes, which affect the master daemon/job queue/locking
- logical unit/feature changes
- external interface changes (eg. command line, os api, hooks, ...)
Core changes
Feature changes
External interface changes
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