Commit 821afb13 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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It seems the _CheckNodesDirs function is no longer used. Let's remove it.

parent cb91d46e
......@@ -1181,42 +1181,6 @@ class LUQueryNodeVolumes(NoHooksLU):
return output
def _CheckNodesDirs(node_list, paths):
"""Verify if the given nodes have the same files.
node_list: the list of node names to check
paths: the list of directories to checksum and compare
list of (node, different_file, message); if empty, the files are in sync
file_names = []
for dir_name in paths:
flist = [os.path.join(dir_name, name) for name in os.listdir(dir_name)]
flist = [name for name in flist if os.path.isfile(name)]
local_checksums = utils.FingerprintFiles(file_names)
results = []
verify_params = {'filelist': file_names}
all_node_results = rpc.call_node_verify(node_list, verify_params)
for node_name in node_list:
node_result = all_node_results.get(node_name, False)
if not node_result or 'filelist' not in node_result:
results.append((node_name, "'all files'", "node communication error"))
remote_checksums = node_result['filelist']
for fname in local_checksums:
if fname not in remote_checksums:
results.append((node_name, fname, "missing file"))
elif remote_checksums[fname] != local_checksums[fname]:
results.append((node_name, fname, "wrong checksum"))
return results
class LUAddNode(LogicalUnit):
"""Logical unit for adding node to the cluster.
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