Commit 80b27509 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Rework evacDrbdSecondaryInner to take the imove

Instead of hard-coding the instance move operation, let's accept is as
a parameter from the caller. This is the single thing that makes this
DRBD-specific, so removing it will help for future
patches. Furthermore, this abstract the imove op type into a single
place instead of two (the inner function and the nodeEvacInstance).
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent bebe7a73
......@@ -898,13 +898,14 @@ nodeEvacInstance nl il ChangeSecondary
inst@(Instance.Instance {Instance.diskTemplate = DTDrbd8})
gdx avail_nodes =
let op_fn = ReplaceSecondary
(nl', inst', _, ndx) <- annotateResult "Can't find any good node" $
eitherToResult $
foldl' (evacDrbdSecondaryInner nl inst gdx)
foldl' (evacDrbdSecondaryInner nl inst gdx op_fn)
(Left "no nodes available") avail_nodes
let idx = Instance.idx inst
il' = Container.add idx inst' il
ops = iMoveToJob nl' il' idx (ReplaceSecondary ndx)
ops = iMoveToJob nl' il' idx (op_fn ndx)
return (nl', il', ops)
-- The algorithm for ChangeAll is as follows:
......@@ -956,11 +957,12 @@ nodeEvacInstance nl il ChangeAll
evacDrbdSecondaryInner :: Node.List -- ^ Cluster node list
-> Instance.Instance -- ^ Instance being evacuated
-> Gdx -- ^ The group index of the instance
-> (Ndx -> IMove) -- ^ Operation constructor
-> EvacInnerState -- ^ Current best solution
-> Ndx -- ^ Node we're evaluating as new secondary
-> EvacInnerState -- ^ New best solution
evacDrbdSecondaryInner nl inst gdx accu ndx =
case applyMove nl inst (ReplaceSecondary ndx) of
evacDrbdSecondaryInner nl inst gdx op_fn accu ndx =
case applyMove nl inst (op_fn ndx) of
OpFail fm ->
case accu of
Right _ -> accu
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