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Add LUSetClusterParams to cmdlib

Add LUSetClusterParams, which is the LU to modify cluster options.
This includes checks:
- not to disable lvm storage when it's already disabled
- not to enable lvm storage when it is already enabled
- not to disable lvm when lvm-based instances are present
- that the specified volume group is valid on all cluster-nodes
  when lvm-storage is going to be enabled

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent 89ff8e15
......@@ -996,6 +996,80 @@ class LURenameCluster(LogicalUnit):
" please restart manually.")
def _RecursiveCheckIfLVMBased(disk):
"""Check if the given disk or its children are lvm-based.
disk: ganeti.objects.Disk object
boolean indicating whether a LD_LV dev_type was found or not
if disk.children:
for chdisk in disk.children:
if _RecursiveCheckIfLVMBased(chdisk):
return True
return disk.dev_type == constants.LD_LV
class LUSetClusterParams(LogicalUnit):
"""Change the parameters of the cluster.
HPATH = "cluster-modify"
_OP_REQP = []
def BuildHooksEnv(self):
"""Build hooks env.
env = {
"OP_TARGET": self.sstore.GetClusterName(),
"NEW_VG_NAME": self.op.vg_name,
mn = self.sstore.GetMasterNode()
return env, [mn], [mn]
def CheckPrereq(self):
"""Check prerequisites.
This checks whether the given params don't conflict and
if the given volume group is valid.
if not self.op.vg_name:
instances = [self.cfg.GetInstanceInfo(name)
for name in self.cfg.GetInstanceList()]
for inst in instances:
for disk in inst.disks:
if _RecursiveCheckIfLVMBased(disk):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Cannot disable lvm storage while"
" lvm-based instances exist")
# if vg_name not None, checks given volume group on all nodes
if self.op.vg_name:
node_list = self.cfg.GetNodeList()
vglist = rpc.call_vg_list(node_list)
for node in node_list:
vgstatus = _HasValidVG(vglist[node], self.op.vg_name)
if vgstatus:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Error on node '%s': %s" %
(node, vgstatus))
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Change the parameters of the cluster.
if self.op.vg_name != self.cfg.GetVGName():
feedback_fn("Cluster LVM configuration already in desired"
" state, not changing")
def _WaitForSync(cfgw, instance, proc, oneshot=False, unlock=False):
"""Sleep and poll for an instance's disk to sync.
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