Commit 7c4bd156 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Set watcher pause on all nodes

Instead of just setting the watcher pause file, which isn't replicated,
RPC is used to set it on all nodes (where possible). This means that
after an outage of the master node and a following master-failover, the
watcher will still be paused.

The RPC is attempted on all nodes. Errors for nodes marked offline are
ignored. All other errors are returned in the form of an exception
(there is no other option given the LUXI API).
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 99e222b1
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ from ganeti import objects
from ganeti import query
from ganeti import runtime
from ganeti import pathutils
from ganeti import ht
......@@ -442,18 +443,7 @@ class ClientOps:
elif method == luxi.REQ_SET_WATCHER_PAUSE:
(until, ) = args
if until is None:"Received request to no longer pause the watcher")
if not isinstance(until, (int, float)):
raise TypeError("Duration must be an integer or float")
if until < time.time():
raise errors.GenericError("Unable to set pause end time in the past")"Received request to pause the watcher until %s", until)
return _SetWatcherPause(until)
return _SetWatcherPause(context, until)
else:"Received invalid request '%s'", method)
......@@ -554,18 +544,36 @@ class GanetiContext(object):
self.glm.remove(locking.LEVEL_NODE_RES, name)
def _SetWatcherPause(until):
def _SetWatcherPause(context, until):
"""Creates or removes the watcher pause file.
@type context: L{GanetiContext}
@param context: Global Ganeti context
@type until: None or int
@param until: Unix timestamp saying until when the watcher shouldn't run
node_names = context.cfg.GetNodeList()
if until is None:
utils.RemoveFile(pathutils.WATCHER_PAUSEFILE)"Received request to no longer pause watcher")
data="%d\n" % (until, ))
if not ht.TNumber(until):
raise TypeError("Duration must be numeric")
if until < time.time():
raise errors.GenericError("Unable to set pause end time in the past")"Received request to pause watcher until %s", until)
result = context.rpc.call_set_watcher_pause(node_names, until)
errmsg = utils.CommaJoin("%s (%s)" % (node_name, nres.fail_msg)
for (node_name, nres) in result.items()
if nres.fail_msg and not nres.offline)
if errmsg:
raise errors.OpExecError("Watcher pause was set where possible, but failed"
" on the following node(s): %s" % errmsg)
return until
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