Commit 79ac6b6f authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Add a new ReplaceAndFailover move

This patch adds a new replace secondary and failover move (equals to
“r:x f”), which can improve the solution (since we are testing more
options at each step).
parent fd934a28
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ data Removal = Removal NodeList [Instance.Instance]
data IMove = Failover
| ReplacePrimary Int
| ReplaceSecondary Int
| ReplaceAndFailover Int
deriving (Show)
-- | The complete state for the balancing solution
......@@ -369,6 +370,22 @@ applyMove nl inst (ReplaceSecondary new_sdx) =
old_sdx int_s nl
in (new_nl, Instance.setSec inst new_sdx, old_pdx, new_sdx)
applyMove nl inst (ReplaceAndFailover new_pdx) =
let old_pdx = Instance.pnode inst
old_sdx = Instance.snode inst
old_p = Container.find old_pdx nl
old_s = Container.find old_sdx nl
tgt_n = Container.find new_pdx nl
int_p = Node.removePri old_p inst
int_s = Node.removeSec old_s inst
new_p = Node.addPri tgt_n inst
new_s = Node.addSec int_p inst new_pdx
new_nl = if isNothing(new_p) || isNothing(new_s) then Nothing
else Just $ Container.add new_pdx (fromJust new_p) $
Container.addTwo old_pdx (fromJust new_s)
old_sdx int_s nl
in (new_nl, Instance.setBoth inst new_pdx old_pdx, new_pdx, old_pdx)
checkSingleStep :: Table -- ^ The original table
-> Instance.Instance -- ^ The instance to move
-> Table -- ^ The current best table
......@@ -401,7 +418,8 @@ checkInstanceMove nodes_idx ini_tbl target =
nodes = filter (\idx -> idx /= opdx && idx /= osdx) nodes_idx
aft_failover = checkSingleStep ini_tbl target ini_tbl Failover
all_moves = concatMap (\idx -> [ReplacePrimary idx,
ReplaceSecondary idx]) nodes
ReplaceSecondary idx,
ReplaceAndFailover idx]) nodes
-- iterate over the possible nodes for this instance
foldl' (checkSingleStep ini_tbl target) aft_failover all_moves
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