Commit 78ecfa8f authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Display two more stats in hspace

This adds two new stats - sum of reserved ram and disk.
parent 301789f4
......@@ -191,8 +191,12 @@ printStats :: String -> Cluster.CStats -> IO ()
printStats kind cs = do
printf "%s free RAM: %d\n" kind (Cluster.cs_fmem cs)
printf "%s allocatable RAM: %d\n" kind (Cluster.cs_amem cs)
printf "%s reserved RAM: %d\n" kind ((Cluster.cs_fmem cs) -
(Cluster.cs_amem cs))
printf "%s free disk: %d\n" kind (Cluster.cs_fdsk cs)
printf "%s allocatable disk: %d\n" kind (Cluster.cs_adsk cs)
printf "%s reserved disk: %d\n" kind ((Cluster.cs_fdsk cs) -
(Cluster.cs_adsk cs))
printf "%s max node allocatable RAM: %d\n" kind (Cluster.cs_mmem cs)
printf "%s max node allocatable disk: %d\n" kind (Cluster.cs_mdsk cs)
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