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Update NEWS file for version 2.0.4

We don't bump up the version yet, pending more QA tests.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
parent 8db31d6b
Version 2.0.4
- Fixed many wrong messages
- Fixed a few bugs related to the locking library
- Fixed MAC checking at instance creation time
- Fixed a DRBD parsing bug related to gaps in /proc/drbd
- Fixed a few issues related to signal handling in both daemons and
- Fixed the example startup script provided
- Fixed insserv dependencies in the example startup script (patch
from Debian)
- Fixed handling of drained nodes in the iallocator framework
- Fixed handling of KERNEL_PATH parameter for xen-hvm (Debian bug
- Fixed error related to invalid job IDs in job polling
- Fixed job/opcode persistence on unclean master shutdown
- Fixed handling of partial job processing after unclean master
- Fixed error reporting from burnin
- Decreased significantly the memory usage of the job queue
- Optimised slightly multi-job submission
- Optimised slightly opcode loading
- Backported the multi-job submit framework from the development
branch; multi-instance start and stop should be faster
- Added script to clean archived jobs after 21 days; this will
reduce the size of the queue directory
- Added some extra checks in disk size tracking
- Added an example ethers hook script
- Added a cluster parameter that prevents Ganeti from modifying of
- Added more node information to RAPI responses
- Added a “gnt-job watch” command that allows following the ouput of
a job
- Added a bind-address option to ganeti-rapi
- Added more checks to the configuration verify
- Enhanced the burnin script such that some operations can be
retried automatically
- Converted instance reinstall to multi-instance model
Version 2.0.3
- Added “--ignore-size” to the “gnt-instance activate-disks” command
to allow using the pre-2.0.2 behaviour in activation, if any
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