Commit 74434d27 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Remove delayed iallocator call in TLReplaceDisks

By setting the “delay_iallocator” parameter one could delay the call to
the instance allocator. This was not used for some time now, but the
code was still there.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent de0417fa
......@@ -10951,7 +10951,7 @@ class LUInstanceReplaceDisks(LogicalUnit):
self.replacer = TLReplaceDisks(self, self.op.instance_name, self.op.mode,
self.op.iallocator, self.op.remote_node,
self.op.disks, False, self.op.early_release,
self.op.disks, self.op.early_release,
self.tasklets = [self.replacer]
......@@ -11035,7 +11035,7 @@ class TLReplaceDisks(Tasklet):
def __init__(self, lu, instance_name, mode, iallocator_name, remote_node,
disks, delay_iallocator, early_release, ignore_ipolicy):
disks, early_release, ignore_ipolicy):
"""Initializes this class.
......@@ -11047,7 +11047,6 @@ class TLReplaceDisks(Tasklet):
self.iallocator_name = iallocator_name
self.remote_node = remote_node
self.disks = disks
self.delay_iallocator = delay_iallocator
self.early_release = early_release
self.ignore_ipolicy = ignore_ipolicy
......@@ -11132,18 +11131,6 @@ class TLReplaceDisks(Tasklet):
if not self.delay_iallocator:
def _CheckPrereq2(self):
"""Check prerequisites, second part.
This function should always be part of CheckPrereq. It was separated and is
now called from Exec because during node evacuation iallocator was only
called with an unmodified cluster model, not taking planned changes into
instance = self.instance
secondary_node = instance.secondary_nodes[0]
......@@ -11283,9 +11270,6 @@ class TLReplaceDisks(Tasklet):
This dispatches the disk replacement to the appropriate handler.
if self.delay_iallocator:
if __debug__:
# Verify owned locks before starting operation
owned_nodes =
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