Commit 7432d332 authored by Agata Murawska's avatar Agata Murawska Committed by Michael Hanselmann
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Export: saving data to ovf file

Signed-off-by: default avatarAgata Murawska <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
parent b179ce72
......@@ -80,6 +80,9 @@ ALLOWED_ACTIONS = [COMPRESS, DECOMPRESS]
"vcpus": "3",
"memory": "4",
"scsi-controller": "6",
"ethernet-adapter": "10",
"disk": "17",
# AllocationUnits values and conversion
......@@ -107,6 +110,18 @@ DISK_TEMPLATE = "disk_template"
TAGS = "tags"
VERSION = "version"
# Instance IDs of System and SCSI controller
# Disk format descriptions
"raw": "",
"vmdk": ""
"cow": "",
def LinkFile(old_path, prefix=None, suffix=None, directory=None):
"""Create link with a given prefix and suffix.
......@@ -539,11 +554,25 @@ class OVFReader(object):
return results
def SubElementText(parent, tag, text, attrib={}, **extra):
# pylint: disable=W0102
"""This is just a wrapper on ET.SubElement that always has text content.
if text is None:
return None
elem = ET.SubElement(parent, tag, attrib=attrib, **extra)
elem.text = str(text)
return elem
class OVFWriter(object):
"""Writer class for OVF files.
@type tree: ET.ElementTree
@ivar tree: XML tree that we are constructing
@type hardware_list: list
@ivar hardware_list: list of items prepared for VirtualHardwareSection
def __init__(self, has_gnt_section):
......@@ -565,6 +594,174 @@ class OVFWriter(object):
if has_gnt_section:
env_attribs["xmlns:gnt"] = GANETI_SCHEMA
self.tree = ET.Element("Envelope", attrib=env_attribs)
self.hardware_list = []
def SaveDisksData(self, disks):
"""Convert disk information to certain OVF sections.
@type disks: list
@param disks: list of dictionaries of disk options from config.ini
references = ET.SubElement(self.tree, "References")
disk_section = ET.SubElement(self.tree, "DiskSection")
for counter, disk in enumerate(disks):
file_id = "file%s" % counter
disk_id = "disk%s" % counter
file_attribs = {
"ovf:href": disk["path"],
"ovf:size": str(disk["real-size"]),
"ovf:id": file_id,
disk_attribs = {
"ovf:capacity": str(disk["virt-size"]),
"ovf:diskId": disk_id,
"ovf:fileRef": file_id,
"ovf:format": DISK_FORMAT.get(disk["format"], disk["format"]),
if "compression" in disk:
file_attribs["ovf:compression"] = disk["compression"]
ET.SubElement(references, "File", attrib=file_attribs)
ET.SubElement(disk_section, "Disk", attrib=disk_attribs)
# Item in VirtualHardwareSection creation
disk_item = ET.Element("Item")
SubElementText(disk_item, "rasd:ElementName", disk_id)
SubElementText(disk_item, "rasd:ResourceType", RASD_TYPE["disk"])
SubElementText(disk_item, "rasd:HostResource", "ovf:/disk/%s" % disk_id)
SubElementText(disk_item, "rasd:Parent", SCSI_ID)
def SaveNetworksData(self, networks):
"""Convert network information to NetworkSection.
@type networks: list
@param networks: list of dictionaries of network options form config.ini
network_section = ET.SubElement(self.tree, "NetworkSection")
for counter, network in enumerate(networks):
network_name = "%s%s" % (network["mode"], counter)
network_attrib = {"ovf:name": network_name}
ET.SubElement(network_section, "Network", attrib=network_attrib)
# Item in VirtualHardwareSection creation
network_item = ET.Element("Item")
SubElementText(network_item, "rasd:ElementName", network_name)
SubElementText(network_item, "rasd:ResourceType",
SubElementText(network_item, "rasd:Connection", network_name)
SubElementText(network_item, "rasd:Address", network["mac"])
def _SaveNameAndParams(root, data):
"""Save name and parameters information under root using data.
@type root: ET.Element
@param root: root element for the Name and Parameters
@type data: dict
@param data: data from which we gather the values
name = SubElementText(root, "gnt:Name", data["name"])
params = ET.SubElement(root, "gnt:Parameters")
for name, value in data.iteritems():
if name != "name":
SubElementText(params, "gnt:%s" % name, value)
def SaveGanetiData(self, ganeti, networks):
"""Convert Ganeti-specific information to GanetiSection.
@type ganeti: dict
@param ganeti: dictionary of Ganeti-specific options from config.ini
@type networks: list
@param networks: list of dictionaries of network options form config.ini
ganeti_section = ET.SubElement(self.tree, "gnt:GanetiSection")
SubElementText(ganeti_section, "gnt:Version", ganeti.get("version"))
SubElementText(ganeti_section, "gnt:DiskTemplate",
SubElementText(ganeti_section, "gnt:AutoBalance",
SubElementText(ganeti_section, "gnt:Tags", ganeti.get("tags"))
osys = ET.SubElement(ganeti_section, "gnt:OperatingSystem")
self._SaveNameAndParams(osys, ganeti["os"])
hypervisor = ET.SubElement(ganeti_section, "gnt:Hypervisor")
self._SaveNameAndParams(hypervisor, ganeti["hypervisor"])
network_section = ET.SubElement(ganeti_section, "gnt:Network")
for counter, network in enumerate(networks):
network_name = "%s%s" % (network["mode"], counter)
nic_attrib = {"ovf:name": network_name}
nic = ET.SubElement(network_section, "gnt:Nic", attrib=nic_attrib)
SubElementText(nic, "gnt:Mode", network["mode"])
SubElementText(nic, "gnt:MACAddress", network["mac"])
SubElementText(nic, "gnt:IPAddress", network["ip"])
SubElementText(nic, "gnt:Link", network["link"])
def SaveVirtualSystemData(self, name, vcpus, memory):
"""Convert virtual system information to OVF sections.
@type name: string
@param name: name of the instance
@type vcpus: int
@param vcpus: number of VCPUs
@type memory: int
@param memory: RAM memory in MB
assert(vcpus > 0)
assert(memory > 0)
vs_attrib = {"ovf:id": name}
virtual_system = ET.SubElement(self.tree, "VirtualSystem", attrib=vs_attrib)
name_section = ET.SubElement(virtual_system, "Name")
name_section.text = name
os_attrib = {"ovf:id": "0"}
ET.SubElement(virtual_system, "OperatingSystemSection",
hardware_section = ET.SubElement(virtual_system, "VirtualHardwareSection")
# System description
system = ET.SubElement(hardware_section, "System")
SubElementText(system, "vssd:ElementName", "Virtual Hardware Family")
SubElementText(system, "vssd:InstanceId", SYSTEM_ID)
SubElementText(system, "vssd:VirtualSystemIdentifier", name)
SubElementText(system, "vssd:VirtualSystemType", "ganeti-ovf")
# Item for vcpus
vcpus_item = ET.SubElement(hardware_section, "Item")
SubElementText(vcpus_item, "rasd:ElementName",
"%s virtual CPU(s)" % vcpus)
SubElementText(vcpus_item, "rasd:InstanceID", "1")
SubElementText(vcpus_item, "rasd:ResourceType", RASD_TYPE["vcpus"])
SubElementText(vcpus_item, "rasd:VirtualQuantity", vcpus)
# Item for memory
memory_item = ET.SubElement(hardware_section, "Item")
SubElementText(memory_item, "rasd:AllocationUnits", "byte * 2^20")
SubElementText(memory_item, "rasd:ElementName", "%sMB of memory" % memory)
SubElementText(memory_item, "rasd:InstanceID", "2")
SubElementText(memory_item, "rasd:ResourceType", RASD_TYPE["memory"])
SubElementText(memory_item, "rasd:VirtualQuantity", memory)
# Item for scsi controller
scsi_item = ET.SubElement(hardware_section, "Item")
SubElementText(scsi_item, "rasd:Address", SYSTEM_ID)
SubElementText(scsi_item, "rasd:ElementName", "scsi_controller0")
SubElementText(scsi_item, "rasd:ResourceType", RASD_TYPE["scsi-controller"])
SubElementText(scsi_item, "rasd:InstanceId", "3")
# Other items - from self.hardware_list
for counter, item in enumerate(self.hardware_list):
SubElementText(item, "rasd:InstanceID", counter + 4)
def PrettyXmlDump(self):
"""Formatter of the XML file.
......@@ -1241,6 +1438,8 @@ class OVFExporter(Converter):
@ivar output_path: complete path to .ovf file
@type config_parser: L{ConfigParserWithDefaults}
@ivar config_parser: parser for the config.ini file
@type reference_files: list
@ivar reference_files: files referenced in the ovf file
@type results_disk: list
@ivar results_disk: list of dictionaries of disk options from config.ini
@type results_network: list
......@@ -1528,6 +1727,14 @@ class OVFExporter(Converter):
self.output_path = utils.PathJoin(self.output_dir, output_file)
files_list = [self.output_path]
if not self.options.ext_usage:
self.ovf_writer.SaveGanetiData(self.results_ganeti, self.results_network)
self.ovf_writer.SaveVirtualSystemData(self.results_name, self.results_vcpus,
data = self.ovf_writer.PrettyXmlDump()
utils.WriteFile(self.output_path, data=data)
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