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News updates for 2.7.0 beta2

Mention most relevant updates and user visible changes and fixes.

These entries will only be maintained during the beta/rc series, but
will then be replaced with a single "2.7.0" entry when we will release
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <>
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Version 2.7.0 beta2
- Networks no longer have a "type" slot, since this information was
unused in Ganeti: instead of it tags should be used.
- Diskless instances are now externally mirrored (Issue 237). This for
now has only been tested in conjunction with explicit target nodes for
- The rapi client now has a ``target_node`` option to MigrateInstance.
- Fix early exit return code for hbal (Issue 386).
- Fix ``gnt-instance migrate/failover -n`` (Issue 396).
- Fix ``rbd showmapped`` output parsing (Issue 312).
- Networks are now referenced indexed by UUID, rather than name. This
will require running cfgupgrade, from 2.7.0beta1, if networks are in
- The OS environment now includes network information.
- Deleting of a network is now disallowed if any instance nic is using
it, to prevent dangling references.
- External storage is now documented in man pages.
- The exclusive_storage flag can now only be set at nodegroup level.
- Hbal can now submit an explicit priority with its jobs.
- Many network related locking fixes.
- Bump up the required pylint version to 0.25.1.
- Fix the ``no_remember`` option in RAPI client.
- Many ipolicy related tests, qa, and fixes.
- Many documentation improvements and fixes.
- Fix building with ``--disable-file-storage``.
- Fix ``-q`` option in htools, which was broken if passed more than
- Some haskell/python interaction improvements and fixes.
- Fix iallocator in case of missing LVM storage.
- Fix confd config load in case of ``--no-lvm-storage``.
- The confd/query functionality is now mentioned in the security
Version 2.7.0 beta1
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