Commit 6852c52f authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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Fix a typo in a warning message

Reviewed-by: schreiberal
parent 6510a58a
......@@ -3765,7 +3765,7 @@ class LUReplaceDisks(LogicalUnit):
cfg.SetDiskID(dev, old_node)
if not rpc.call_blockdev_shutdown(old_node, dev):
warning("Failed to shutdown drbd for %s on old node" % dev.iv_name,
"Please cleanup this device manuall as soon as possible")
"Please cleanup this device manually as soon as possible")
# we have new storage, we 'rename' the network on the primary
info("switching primary drbd for %s to new secondary node" % dev.iv_name)
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