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Add OS new states to the design doc

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......@@ -686,6 +686,51 @@ kvm processes, and extend the user limitation to use a user pool.
Finally we'll look into namespaces and containers, although that might
slip after the 2.2 release.
New OS states
Separate from the OS external changes, described below, we'll add some
internal changes to the OS.
Current state and shortcomings
There are two issues related to the handling of the OSes.
First, it's impossible to disable an OS for new instances, since that
will also break reinstallations and renames of existing instances. To
phase out an OS definition, without actually having to modify the OS
scripts, it would be ideal to be able to restrict new installations but
keep the rest of the functionality available.
Second, ``gnt-instance reinstall --select-os`` shows all the OSes
available on the clusters. Some OSes might exist only for debugging and
diagnose, and not for end-user availability. For this, it would be
useful to "hide" a set of OSes, but keep it otherwise functional.
Proposed changes
Two new cluster-level attributes will be added, holding the list of OSes
hidden from the user and respectively the list of OSes which are
blacklisted from new installations.
These lists will be modifiable via ``gnt-os modify`` (implemented via
``OpSetClusterParams``), such that even not-yet-existing OSes can be
preseeded into a given state.
For the hidden OSes, they are fully functional except that they are not
returned in the default OS list (as computed via ``OpDiagnoseOS``),
unless the hidden state is requested.
For the blacklisted OSes, they are also not shown (unless the
blacklisted state is requested), and they are also prevented from
installation via ``OpCreateInstance`` (in create mode).
Both these attributes are per-OS, not per-variant. Thus they apply to
all of an OS' variants, and it's impossible to blacklist or hide just
one variant. Further improvements might allow a given OS variant to be
blacklisted, as opposed to whole OSes.
External interface changes
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