Commit 65c6b8e0 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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ganeti.http: Don't reuse key and cert objects

Reusing the private key and certificate objects gave us problems. This
patch changes the code to only cache the PEM data, but the objects
themselves. For every socket, the private key and certificate objects
are created again.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent d9a855f1
......@@ -228,13 +228,16 @@ class HttpSslParams(object):
@param ssl_cert_path: Path to file containing SSL certificate in PEM format
ssl_key_pem = utils.ReadFile(ssl_key_path)
ssl_cert_pem = utils.ReadFile(ssl_cert_path)
self.ssl_key_pem = utils.ReadFile(ssl_key_path)
self.ssl_cert_pem = utils.ReadFile(ssl_cert_path)
cr = OpenSSL.crypto
self.cert = cr.load_certificate(cr.FILETYPE_PEM, ssl_cert_pem)
self.key = cr.load_privatekey(cr.FILETYPE_PEM, ssl_key_pem)
del cr
def GetKey(self):
return OpenSSL.crypto.load_privatekey(OpenSSL.crypto.FILETYPE_PEM,
def GetCertificate(self):
return OpenSSL.crypto.load_certificate(OpenSSL.crypto.FILETYPE_PEM,
class _HttpSocketBase(object):
......@@ -244,6 +247,8 @@ class _HttpSocketBase(object):
def __init__(self):
self._using_ssl = None
self._ssl_params = None
self._ssl_key = None
self._ssl_cert = None
def _CreateSocket(self, ssl_params, ssl_verify_peer):
"""Creates a TCP socket and initializes SSL if needed.
......@@ -265,11 +270,14 @@ class _HttpSocketBase(object):
if not self._using_ssl:
return sock
self._ssl_key = ssl_params.GetKey()
self._ssl_cert = ssl_params.GetCertificate()
ctx = OpenSSL.SSL.Context(OpenSSL.SSL.SSLv23_METHOD)
if ssl_verify_peer:
......@@ -288,11 +296,8 @@ class _HttpSocketBase(object):
assert self._ssl_params, "SSL not initialized"
mykey = self._ssl_params.key
mycert = self._ssl_params.cert
return (mycert.digest("sha1") == cert.digest("sha1") and
mycert.digest("md5") == cert.digest("md5"))
return (self._ssl_cert.digest("sha1") == cert.digest("sha1") and
self._ssl_cert.digest("md5") == cert.digest("md5"))
class _HttpConnectionHandler(object):
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