Commit 65a15336 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Add a custom str() method for objects.Disk

This is done in order to easy debugging of disk-related issues.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent 153d9724
......@@ -412,6 +412,37 @@ class Disk(ConfigObject):
obj.physical_id = tuple(obj.physical_id)
return obj
def __str__(self):
"""Custom str() formatter for disks.
if self.dev_type == constants.LD_LV:
val = "<LogicalVolume(/dev/%s/%s" % self.logical_id
elif self.dev_type in constants.LDS_DRBD:
if self.dev_type == constants.LD_DRBD7:
val = "<DRBD7("
val = "<DRBD8("
val += ("hosts=%s-%s, port=%s, configured as %s:%s %s:%s, " %
(self.logical_id[0], self.logical_id[1], self.logical_id[2],
self.physical_id[0], self.physical_id[1],
self.physical_id[2], self.physical_id[3]))
if self.children and self.children.count(None) == 0:
val += "backend=%s, metadev=%s" % (self.children[0], self.children[1])
val += "no local storage"
elif self.dev_type == constants.LD_MD_R1:
val = "<MD_R1(uuid=%s, children=%s" % (self.physical_id, self.children)
val = ("<Disk(type=%s, logical_id=%s, physical_id=%s, children=%s" %
(self.dev_type, self.logical_id, self.physical_id, self.children))
if self.iv_name is None:
val += ", not visible"
val += ", visible as /dev/%s" % self.iv_name
val += ", size=%dm)>" % self.size
return val
class Instance(TaggableObject):
"""Config object representing an instance."""
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