Commit 63c55458 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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cmdlib: use MAXMEM for all operations

Since for now we can only start instances at their maximum memory, we
modify all checks to use that value. When we'll have better support for
using a value in between some of these checks have to move to minimum
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 8ccbbe4b
......@@ -2122,12 +2122,14 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
# we already list instances living on such nodes, and that's
# enough warning
#TODO(dynmem): use MINMEM for checking
#TODO(dynmem): also consider ballooning out other instances
for prinode, instances in n_img.sbp.items():
needed_mem = 0
for instance in instances:
bep = cluster_info.FillBE(instance_cfg[instance])
if bep[constants.BE_AUTO_BALANCE]:
needed_mem += bep[constants.BE_MEMORY]
needed_mem += bep[constants.BE_MAXMEM]
test = n_img.mfree < needed_mem
self._ErrorIf(test, constants.CV_ENODEN1, node,
"not enough memory to accomodate instance failovers"
......@@ -6202,7 +6204,7 @@ class LUInstanceStartup(LogicalUnit):
if not remote_info.payload: # not running already
_CheckNodeFreeMemory(self, instance.primary_node,
"starting instance %s" %,
bep[constants.BE_MEMORY], instance.hypervisor)
bep[constants.BE_MAXMEM], instance.hypervisor)
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Start the instance.
......@@ -7111,7 +7113,7 @@ class LUInstanceMove(LogicalUnit):
if instance.admin_state == constants.ADMINST_UP:
# check memory requirements on the secondary node
_CheckNodeFreeMemory(self, target_node, "failing over instance %s" %, bep[constants.BE_MEMORY],, bep[constants.BE_MAXMEM],
self.LogInfo("Not checking memory on the secondary node as"
......@@ -7405,7 +7407,7 @@ class TLMigrateInstance(Tasklet):
# check memory requirements on the secondary node
if not self.failover or instance.admin_state == constants.ADMINST_UP:
_CheckNodeFreeMemory(, target_node, "migrating instance %s" %, i_be[constants.BE_MEMORY],, i_be[constants.BE_MAXMEM],
else:"Not checking memory on the secondary node as"
......@@ -8676,7 +8678,7 @@ class LUInstanceCreate(LogicalUnit):
......@@ -9243,10 +9245,11 @@ class LUInstanceCreate(LogicalUnit):
_CheckNicsBridgesExist(self, self.nics,
# memory check on primary node
#TODO(dynmem): use MINMEM for checking
if self.op.start:
"creating instance %s" % self.op.instance_name,
self.dry_run_result = list(nodenames)
......@@ -11324,8 +11327,9 @@ class LUInstanceSetParams(LogicalUnit):
self.warn = []
if (constants.BE_MEMORY in self.op.beparams and not self.op.force and
be_new[constants.BE_MEMORY] > be_old[constants.BE_MEMORY]):
#TODO(dynmem): do the appropriate check involving MINMEM
if (constants.BE_MAXMEM in self.op.beparams and not self.op.force and
be_new[constants.BE_MAXMEM] > be_old[constants.BE_MAXMEM]):
mem_check_list = [pnode]
if be_new[constants.BE_AUTO_BALANCE]:
# either we changed auto_balance to yes or it was from before
......@@ -11354,7 +11358,8 @@ class LUInstanceSetParams(LogicalUnit):
# (there is a slight race condition here, but it's not very probable,
# and we have no other way to check)
current_mem = 0
miss_mem = (be_new[constants.BE_MEMORY] - current_mem -
#TODO(dynmem): do the appropriate check involving MINMEM
miss_mem = (be_new[constants.BE_MAXMEM] - current_mem -
if miss_mem > 0:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("This change will prevent the instance"
......@@ -11372,7 +11377,8 @@ class LUInstanceSetParams(LogicalUnit):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Secondary node %s didn't return free"
" memory information" % node,
elif be_new[constants.BE_MEMORY] > nres.payload["memory_free"]:
#TODO(dynmem): do the appropriate check involving MINMEM
elif be_new[constants.BE_MAXMEM] > nres.payload["memory_free"]:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("This change will prevent the instance"
" from failover to its secondary node"
" %s, due to not enough memory" % node,
......@@ -13512,6 +13518,7 @@ class IAllocator(object):
@param node_results: the basic node structures as filled from the config
#TODO(dynmem): compute the right data on MAX and MIN memory
# make a copy of the current dict
node_results = dict(node_results)
for nname, nresult in node_data.items():
......@@ -13537,16 +13544,16 @@ class IAllocator(object):
i_p_mem = i_p_up_mem = 0
for iinfo, beinfo in i_list:
if iinfo.primary_node == nname:
i_p_mem += beinfo[constants.BE_MEMORY]
i_p_mem += beinfo[constants.BE_MAXMEM]
if not in node_iinfo[nname].payload:
i_used_mem = 0
i_used_mem = int(node_iinfo[nname].payload[]["memory"])
i_mem_diff = beinfo[constants.BE_MEMORY] - i_used_mem
i_mem_diff = beinfo[constants.BE_MAXMEM] - i_used_mem
remote_info["memory_free"] -= max(0, i_mem_diff)
if iinfo.admin_state == constants.ADMINST_UP:
i_p_up_mem += beinfo[constants.BE_MEMORY]
i_p_up_mem += beinfo[constants.BE_MAXMEM]
# compute memory used by instances
pnr_dyn = {
......@@ -13587,7 +13594,7 @@ class IAllocator(object):
"tags": list(iinfo.GetTags()),
"admin_state": iinfo.admin_state,
"vcpus": beinfo[constants.BE_VCPUS],
"memory": beinfo[constants.BE_MEMORY],
"memory": beinfo[constants.BE_MAXMEM],
"os": iinfo.os,
"nodes": [iinfo.primary_node] + list(iinfo.secondary_nodes),
"nics": nic_data,
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