Commit 62f0dd02 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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NIC Parameters: fix hooks environment generation

In order to do that we change the way nics are espected to be passed to
the _BuildInstanceHookEnv function, from (ip, bridge, mac) to (ip, mac,
mode, link).

To translate new nics, which have the ip, mac and nicparams fields to
this new format we add an auxiliary _PreBuildNICHooksList function,
which is called both in _BuildInstanceHookEnvByObject and in
LUCreateInstance, where we don't have an Instance object created yet, at
hooks execution time.

LUSetInstanceParams hooks generation is also changed to provide the
right override to the nics field, should any nics be modified.
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 8fcc0cb1
......@@ -501,12 +501,15 @@ def _BuildInstanceHookEnv(name, primary_node, secondary_nodes, os_type, status,
if nics:
nic_count = len(nics)
for idx, (ip, bridge, mac) in enumerate(nics):
for idx, (ip, mac, mode, link) in enumerate(nics):
if ip is None:
ip = ""
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_IP" % idx] = ip
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_BRIDGE" % idx] = bridge
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_MAC" % idx] = mac
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_MODE" % idx] = mode
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_LINK" % idx] = link
if mode == constants.NIC_MODE_BRIDGED:
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_BRIDGE" % idx] = link
nic_count = 0
......@@ -524,6 +527,27 @@ def _BuildInstanceHookEnv(name, primary_node, secondary_nodes, os_type, status,
return env
def _PreBuildNICHooksList(lu, nics):
"""Build a list of nic information tuples.
This list is suitable to be passed to _BuildInstanceHookEnv.
@type lu: L{LogicalUnit}
@param lu: the logical unit on whose behalf we execute
@type nics: list of L{objects.NIC}
@param nics: list of nics to convert to hooks tuples
hooks_nics = []
c_nicparams = lu.cfg.GetClusterInfo().nicparams[constants.PP_DEFAULT]
for nic in nics:
ip = nic.ip
mac = nic.mac
filled_params = objects.FillDict(c_nicparams, nic.nicparams)
mode = filled_params[constants.NIC_MODE]
link = filled_params[constants.NIC_LINK]
hooks_nics.append((ip, mac, mode, link))
return hooks_nics
def _BuildInstanceHookEnvByObject(lu, instance, override=None):
"""Builds instance related env variables for hooks from an object.
......@@ -549,7 +573,7 @@ def _BuildInstanceHookEnvByObject(lu, instance, override=None):
'status': instance.admin_up,
'memory': bep[constants.BE_MEMORY],
'vcpus': bep[constants.BE_VCPUS],
'nics': [(nic.ip, nic.bridge, nic.mac) for nic in instance.nics],
'nics': _PreBuildNICHooksList(lu, instance.nics),
'disk_template': instance.disk_template,
'disks': [(disk.size, disk.mode) for disk in instance.disks],
......@@ -4623,7 +4647,7 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
nics=[(n.ip, n.bridge, n.mac) for n in self.nics],
nics=_PreBuildNICHooksList(self, self.nics),
disks=[(d["size"], d["mode"]) for d in self.disks],
......@@ -5944,6 +5968,7 @@ class LUSetInstanceParams(LogicalUnit):
if self.op.nics:
args['nics'] = []
nic_override = dict(self.op.nics)
c_nicparams = self.cluster.nicparams[constants.PP_DEFAULT]
for idx, nic in enumerate(self.instance.nics):
if idx in nic_override:
this_nic_override = nic_override[idx]
......@@ -5953,20 +5978,24 @@ class LUSetInstanceParams(LogicalUnit):
ip = this_nic_override['ip']
ip = nic.ip
if 'bridge' in this_nic_override:
bridge = this_nic_override['bridge']
bridge = nic.bridge
if 'mac' in this_nic_override:
mac = this_nic_override['mac']
mac = nic.mac
args['nics'].append((ip, bridge, mac))
if idx in self.nic_pnew:
nicparams = self.nic_pnew[idx]
nicparams = objects.FillDict(c_nicparams, nic.nicparams)
mode = nicparams[constants.NIC_MODE]
link = nicparams[constants.NIC_LINK]
args['nics'].append((ip, mac, mode, link))
if constants.DDM_ADD in nic_override:
ip = nic_override[constants.DDM_ADD].get('ip', None)
bridge = nic_override[constants.DDM_ADD]['bridge']
mac = nic_override[constants.DDM_ADD]['mac']
args['nics'].append((ip, bridge, mac))
nicparams = self.nic_pnew[constants.DDM_ADD]
mode = nicparams[constants.NIC_MODE]
link = nicparams[constants.NIC_LINK]
args['nics'].append((ip, mac, mode, link))
elif constants.DDM_REMOVE in nic_override:
del args['nics'][-1]
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