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Update NEWS file for the 0.2.3 release

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Ganeti-htools release notes
Version 0.2.3 (Thu, 4 Feb 2010)
A small release:
- Fixes selection of secondary node: previously, if the cluster had
many N+1 failures, a N+1 failed node could be selected as secondary
even if it did not have enough memory to allow the instance to be
migrated/failed over to it; this is bad for automated tools, since
we can get the cluster in an unhealthy state
- Switch the text backend to a single input file, that is generated
now by hscan and shouldn't be generated manually via
gnt-node/instance list anymore; this allows richer information to be
kept in the file, and simplifies a little the internals of the text
Version 0.2.2 (Tue, 29 Dec 2009)
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