Commit 621de5b7 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Enhance hspace resource display

The display of cluster resources is extracted into a separate function
and enhanced to display more stats.
parent e2af3156
......@@ -187,6 +187,13 @@ iterateDepth nl il newinst nreq ixes =
fromJust sols''
in iterateDepth xnl il newinst nreq (xi:ixes)
printStats :: String -> (Int, Int, Int, Int, Int) -> IO ()
printStats kind (mem, dsk, amem, mmem, mdsk) = do
printf "%s free RAM: %d\n" kind mem
printf "%s allocatable RAM: %d\n" kind amem
printf "%s free disk: %d\n" kind dsk
printf "%s max node allocatable RAM: %d\n" kind mmem
printf "%s max node allocatable disk: %d\n" kind mdsk
-- | Main function.
main :: IO ()
......@@ -243,8 +250,7 @@ main = do
putStrLn $ Cluster.printNodes nl
let ini_cv = Cluster.compCV nl
(ini_mem, ini_disk, ini_amem, ini_mmem, ini_mdsk) =
Cluster.totalResources nl
ini_stats = Cluster.totalResources nl
(if verbose > 2 then
printf "Initial coefficients: overall %.8f, %s\n"
......@@ -252,9 +258,7 @@ main = do
printf "Initial score: %.8f\n" ini_cv)
printf "Initial instances: %d\n" num_instances
printf "Initial free RAM: %d\n" ini_mem
printf "Initial allocatable RAM: %d\n" ini_amem
printf "Initial free disk: %d\n" ini_disk
printStats "Initial" ini_stats
let nmlen = Container.maxNameLen nl
newinst = Instance.create "new" (optIMem opts) (optIDsk opts)
......@@ -265,14 +269,11 @@ main = do
fin_instances = num_instances + allocs
fin_ixes = reverse ixes
ix_namelen = maximum . map (length . $ fin_ixes
(fin_mem, fin_disk, fin_amem, fin_mmem, fin_mdsk) =
Cluster.totalResources fin_nl
fin_stats = Cluster.totalResources fin_nl
printf "Final score: %.8f\n" (Cluster.compCV fin_nl)
printf "Final instances: %d\n" (num_instances + allocs)
printf "Final free RAM: %d\n" fin_mem
printf "Final allocatable RAM: %d\n" fin_amem
printf "Final free disk: %d\n" fin_disk
printStats "Final" fin_stats
printf "Usage: %.5f\n" (((fromIntegral num_instances)::Double) /
(fromIntegral fin_instances))
printf "Allocations: %d\n" allocs
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