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network: Style updates

- Quote characters
- Docstrings
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
# 02110-1301, USA.
"""Ip address pool management functions.
"""IP address pool management functions.
......@@ -31,17 +31,17 @@ from ganeti import errors
class AddressPool(object):
"""Address pool class, wrapping an objects.Network object
"""Address pool class, wrapping an C{objects.Network} object.
This class provides methods to manipulate address pools, backed by
L{objects.Network} objects.
FREE = bitarray('0')
RESERVED = bitarray('1')
FREE = bitarray("0")
RESERVED = bitarray("1")
def __init__(self, network):
"""Initialize a new IPv4 address pool from an objects.Network object
"""Initialize a new IPv4 address pool from an L{objects.Network} object.
@type network: L{objects.Network}
@param network: the network object from which the pool will be generated
......@@ -97,7 +97,9 @@ class AddressPool(object):
return int(addr) - int(
def Update(self):
"""Write address pools back to the network object"""
"""Write address pools back to the network object.
# pylint: disable=E1103 = self.ext_reservations.to01() = self.reservations.to01()
......@@ -115,7 +117,9 @@ class AddressPool(object):
def all_reservations(self):
"""Return a combined map of internal + external reservations."""
"""Return a combined map of internal and external reservations.
return (self.reservations | self.ext_reservations)
def Validate(self):
......@@ -135,38 +139,54 @@ class AddressPool(object):
return True
def IsFull(self):
"""Check whether the network is full"""
"""Check whether the network is full.
return self.all_reservations.all()
def GetReservedCount(self):
"""Get the count of reserved addresses"""
"""Get the count of reserved addresses.
return self.all_reservations.count(True)
def GetFreeCount(self):
"""Get the count of unused addresses"""
"""Get the count of unused addresses.
return self.all_reservations.count(False)
def GetMap(self):
"""Return a textual representation of the network's occupation status."""
"""Return a textual representation of the network's occupation status.
return self.all_reservations.to01().replace("1", "X").replace("0", ".")
def IsReserved(self, address):
"""Checks if the given IP is reserved"""
"""Checks if the given IP is reserved.
idx = self._GetAddrIndex(address)
return self.all_reservations[idx]
def Reserve(self, address, external=False):
"""Mark an address as used."""
"""Mark an address as used.
if self.IsReserved(address):
raise errors.AddressPoolError("%s is already reserved" % address)
self._Mark(address, external=external)
def Release(self, address, external=False):
"""Release a given address reservation."""
"""Release a given address reservation.
self._Mark(address, value=False, external=external)
def GetFreeAddress(self):
"""Returns the first available address."""
"""Returns the first available address.
if self.IsFull():
raise errors.AddressPoolError("%s is full" %
......@@ -176,8 +196,9 @@ class AddressPool(object):
return address
def GenerateFree(self):
"""Returns the first free address of the network if any or
raises an error if it is full.
"""Returns the first free address of the network.
@raise errors.AddressPoolError: Pool is full
if self.IsFull():
......@@ -186,16 +207,18 @@ class AddressPool(object):
return str([idx])
def GetExternalReservations(self):
"""Returns a list of all externally reserved addresses"""
"""Returns a list of all externally reserved addresses.
# pylint: disable=E1103
idxs =
return [str([idx]) for idx in idxs]
def InitializeNetwork(cls, net):
"""Initialize an L{objects.Network} object
"""Initialize an L{objects.Network} object.
Reserve the network, broadcast and gateway IPs
Reserve the network, broadcast and gateway IP addresses.
obj = cls(net)
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