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Update NEWS file for the first release candidate

Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
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Version 2.2.0 rc0
Important change: the internal RPC mechanism between Ganeti nodes has
changed from using a home-grown http library (based on the Python base
libraries) to use the PycURL library. This requires that PycURL is
installed on nodes. Please note that on Debian/Ubuntu, PycURL is linked
against GnuTLS by default. cURL's support for GnuTLS had known issues
before cURL 7.21.0 and we recommend using the latest cURL release or
linking against OpenSSL. Most other distributions already link PycURL
and cURL against OpenSSL. The command::
python -c 'import pycurl; print pycurl.version'
can be used to determine the libraries PycURL and cURL are linked
Other significant changes:
- Rewrote much of the internals of the job queue, in order to achieve
better parallelism; this decouples job query operations from the job
processing, and it should allow much nicer behaviour of the master
daemon under load, and it also has uncovered some long-standing bugs
related to the job serialisation (now fixed)
- Added a default iallocator setting to the cluster parameters,
eliminating the need to always pass nodes or an iallocator for
operations that require selection of new node(s)
- Added experimental support for the LXC virtualization method
- Added support for OS parameters, which allows the installation of
instances to pass parameter to OS scripts in order to customise the
- Added a hypervisor parameter controlling the migration type (live or
non-live), since hypervisors have various levels of reliability; this
has renamed the 'live' parameter to 'mode'
- Added a cluster parameter ``reserved_lvs`` that denotes reserved
logical volumes, meaning that cluster verify will ignore them and not
flag their presence as errors
- The watcher will now reset the error count for failed instances after
8 hours, thus allowing self-healing if the problem that caused the
instances to be down/fail to start has cleared in the meantime
- Added a cluster parameter ``drbd_usermode_helper`` that makes Ganeti
check for, and warn, if the drbd module parameter ``usermode_helper``
is not consistent with the cluster-wide setting; this is needed to
make diagnose easier of failed drbd creations
- Started adding base IPv6 support, but this is not yet
enabled/available for use
- Rename operations (cluster, instance) will now return the new name,
which is especially useful if a short name was passed in
- Added support for instance migration in RAPI
- Added a tool to pre-configure nodes for the SSH setup, before joining
them to the cluster; this will allow in the future a simplified model
for node joining (but not yet fully enabled in 2.2); this needs the
paramiko python library
- Fixed handling of name-resolving errors
- Fixed consistency of job results on the error path
- Fixed master-failover race condition when executed multiple times in
- Fixed many bugs related to the job queue (mostly introduced during the
2.2 development cycle, so not all are impacting 2.1)
- Fixed instance migration with missing disk symlinks
- Fixed handling of unknown jobs in ``gnt-job archive``
- And many other small fixes/improvements
Internal changes:
- Enhanced both the unittest and the QA coverage
- Switched the opcode validation to a generic model, and extended the
validation to all opcode parameters
- Changed more parts of the code that write shell scripts to use the
same class for this
- Switched the master daemon to use the asyncore library for the Luxi
server endpoint
Version 2.2.0 beta 0
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