Commit 525939d9 authored by Bernardo Dal Seno's avatar Bernardo Dal Seno
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cluster-verify checks uniformity of PV sizes

When exclusive_storage is set, cluster-verify complains if the size of PVs
is not uniform across a node group.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBernardo Dal Seno <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
parent 11064155
......@@ -2213,6 +2213,10 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
@ivar oslist: list of OSes as diagnosed by DiagnoseOS
@type vm_capable: boolean
@ivar vm_capable: whether the node can host instances
@type pv_min: float
@ivar pv_min: size in MiB of the smallest PVs
@type pv_max: float
@ivar pv_max: size in MiB of the biggest PVs
def __init__(self, offline=False, name=None, vm_capable=True):
......@@ -2232,6 +2236,8 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
self.ghost = False
self.os_fail = False
self.oslist = {}
self.pv_min = None
self.pv_max = None
def ExpandNames(self):
# This raises errors.OpPrereqError on its own:
......@@ -2433,13 +2439,15 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
"Node time diverges by at least %s from master node time",
def _VerifyNodeLVM(self, ninfo, nresult, vg_name):
"""Check the node LVM results.
def _UpdateVerifyNodeLVM(self, ninfo, nresult, vg_name, nimg):
"""Check the node LVM results and update info for cross-node checks.
@type ninfo: L{objects.Node}
@param ninfo: the node to check
@param nresult: the remote results for the node
@param vg_name: the configured VG name
@type nimg: L{NodeImage}
@param nimg: node image
if vg_name is None:
......@@ -2471,6 +2479,42 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
_ErrorIf(test, constants.CV_ENODELVM, node,
"Invalid character ':' in PV '%s' of VG '%s'",, pv.vg_name)
if self._exclusive_storage:
(errmsgs, (pvmin, pvmax)) = utils.LvmExclusiveCheckNodePvs(pvlist)
for msg in errmsgs:
self._Error(constants.CV_ENODELVM, node, msg)
nimg.pv_min = pvmin
nimg.pv_max = pvmax
def _VerifyGroupLVM(self, node_image, vg_name):
"""Check cross-node consistency in LVM.
@type node_image: dict
@param node_image: info about nodes, mapping from node to names to
L{NodeImage} objects
@param vg_name: the configured VG name
if vg_name is None:
# Only exlcusive storage needs this kind of checks
if not self._exclusive_storage:
# exclusive_storage wants all PVs to have the same size (approximately),
# if the smallest and the biggest ones are okay, everything is fine.
# pv_min is None iff pv_max is None
vals = filter((lambda ni: ni.pv_min is not None), node_image.values())
if not vals:
(pvmin, minnode) = min((ni.pv_min, for ni in vals)
(pvmax, maxnode) = max((ni.pv_max, for ni in vals)
bad = utils.LvmExclusiveTestBadPvSizes(pvmin, pvmax)
self._ErrorIf(bad, constants.CV_EGROUPDIFFERENTPVSIZE,,
"PV sizes differ too much in the group; smallest (%s MB) is"
" on %s, biggest (%s MB) is on %s",
pvmin, minnode, pvmax, maxnode)
def _VerifyNodeBridges(self, ninfo, nresult, bridges):
"""Check the node bridges.
......@@ -3373,8 +3417,10 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
es_flags = rpc.GetExclusiveStorageForNodeNames(self.cfg, self.my_node_names)
es_unset_nodes = []
# The value of exclusive_storage should be the same across the group
if compat.any(es_flags.values()):
# The value of exclusive_storage should be the same across the group, so if
# it's True for at least a node, we act as if it were set for all the nodes
self._exclusive_storage = compat.any(es_flags.values())
if self._exclusive_storage:
es_unset_nodes = [n for (n, es) in es_flags.items()
if not es]
......@@ -3489,7 +3535,7 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
node == master_node)
if nimg.vm_capable:
self._VerifyNodeLVM(node_i, nresult, vg_name)
self._UpdateVerifyNodeLVM(node_i, nresult, vg_name, nimg)
self._VerifyNodeDrbd(node_i, nresult, self.all_inst_info, drbd_helper,
......@@ -3516,6 +3562,8 @@ class LUClusterVerifyGroup(LogicalUnit, _VerifyErrors):
_ErrorIf(not test, constants.CV_ENODEORPHANINSTANCE,,
"node is running unknown instance %s", inst)
self._VerifyGroupLVM(node_image, vg_name)
for node, result in extra_lv_nvinfo.items():
self._UpdateNodeVolumes(self.all_node_info[node], result.payload,
node_image[node], vg_name)
......@@ -1454,6 +1454,8 @@ CV_ECLUSTERDANGLINGINST = \
"exclusive_storage flag is not uniform within the group")
(CV_TGROUP, "EGROUPDIFFERENTPVSIZE", "PVs in the group have different sizes")
"Instance marked as running lives on an offline node")
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