Commit 4cc4d1fa authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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query: Use aliases for legacy instance NIC fields

Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 38499e1b
......@@ -928,7 +928,8 @@ def _GetInstNicParam(name):
def _GetInstanceNetworkFields():
"""Get instance fields involving network interfaces.
@return: List of field definitions used as input for L{_PrepareFieldList}
@return: Tuple containing list of field definitions used as input for
L{_PrepareFieldList} and a list of aliases
nic_mac_fn = lambda ctx, _, nic: nic.mac
......@@ -936,18 +937,6 @@ def _GetInstanceNetworkFields():
nic_link_fn = _GetInstNicParam(constants.NIC_LINK)
fields = [
# First NIC (legacy)
(_MakeField("ip", "IP_address", QFT_TEXT), IQ_CONFIG,
_GetInstNic(0, _GetInstNicIp)),
(_MakeField("mac", "MAC_address", QFT_TEXT), IQ_CONFIG,
_GetInstNic(0, nic_mac_fn)),
(_MakeField("bridge", "Bridge", QFT_TEXT), IQ_CONFIG,
_GetInstNic(0, _GetInstNicBridge)),
(_MakeField("nic_mode", "NIC_Mode", QFT_TEXT), IQ_CONFIG,
_GetInstNic(0, nic_mode_fn)),
(_MakeField("nic_link", "NIC_Link", QFT_TEXT), IQ_CONFIG,
_GetInstNic(0, nic_link_fn)),
# All NICs
(_MakeField("nic.count", "NICs", QFT_NUMBER), IQ_CONFIG,
lambda ctx, inst: len(inst.nics)),
......@@ -980,7 +969,16 @@ def _GetInstanceNetworkFields():
IQ_CONFIG, _GetInstNic(i, _GetInstNicBridge)),
return fields
aliases = [
# Legacy fields for first NIC
("ip", "nic.ip/0"),
("mac", "nic.mac/0"),
("bridge", "nic.bridge/0"),
("nic_mode", "nic.mode/0"),
("nic_link", ""),
return (fields, aliases)
def _GetInstDiskUsage(ctx, inst):
......@@ -1151,16 +1149,18 @@ def _BuildInstanceFields():
(_MakeField("status", "Status", QFT_TEXT), IQ_LIVE, _GetInstStatus),
(network_fields, network_aliases) = _GetInstanceNetworkFields()
aliases = [
("vcpus", "be/vcpus"),
("sda_size", "disk.size/0"),
("sdb_size", "disk.size/1"),
] + network_aliases
return _PrepareFieldList(fields, aliases)
......@@ -805,8 +805,16 @@ class TestInstanceQuery(unittest.TestCase):
(constants.RS_NORMAL, usage))
self.assertEqual(row[fieldidx["sda_size"]], row[fieldidx["disk.size/0"]])
self.assertEqual(row[fieldidx["sdb_size"]], row[fieldidx["disk.size/1"]])
for alias, target in [("sda_size", "disk.size/0"),
("sdb_size", "disk.size/1"),
("vcpus", "be/vcpus"),
("ip", "nic.ip/0"),
("mac", "nic.mac/0"),
("bridge", "nic.bridge/0"),
("nic_mode", "nic.mode/0"),
("nic_link", ""),
self.assertEqual(row[fieldidx[alias]], row[fieldidx[target]])
for field in ["ctime", "mtime"]:
if getattr(inst, field) is None:
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