Commit 4b77c2a2 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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hcheck: rework output mode

Looking at the output of hcheck, in human readable mode, it looks like
it always starts with a blank line. This is not nice, so I wanted to
redo this to start cleanly.

However, looking at the code, I realised that we need some internal
cleanup; 'perGroupChecks' was doing both pure computation (computing
the score/stats) and I/O work (printing the stats), which is ugly, so
I split that in two; this allows perGroupChecks to be simpler, and we
can therefore first compute the group stats, and start the output with
the mode in which we run.

So right now, hcheck will first output whether we need to run a
rebalance, or if no-simulation is selected, etc., and only then
display the actual stats, making the output a bit more consistent.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarAgata Murawska <>
parent 85890a9d
......@@ -180,7 +180,8 @@ printStats verbose False level phase values name = do
let prefix = phaseLevelDescr phase level name
descr = descrData level
unless (verbose == 0) $ do
printf "\n%s" prefix :: IO ()
putStrLn ""
putStr prefix
mapM_ (\(a,b) -> printf " %s: %s\n" a b) (zip descr values)
-- | Extract name or idx from group.
......@@ -199,9 +200,9 @@ prepareClusterValues machineread stats bstats =
map show stats ++ map (printBool machineread) bstats
-- | Print all the statistics on a group level.
printGroupStats :: Int -> Bool -> Phase -> Group.Group -> [Int] -> Double
printGroupStats :: Int -> Bool -> Phase -> ((Group.Group, Double), [Int])
-> IO ()
printGroupStats verbose machineread phase grp stats score = do
printGroupStats verbose machineread phase ((grp, score), stats) = do
let values = prepareGroupValues stats score
extradata = extractGroupData machineread grp
printStats verbose machineread GroupLvl phase values (Just extradata)
......@@ -220,9 +221,10 @@ clusterNeedsRebalance stats = sum stats > 0
instances residing on offline nodes.
perGroupChecks :: Int -> Bool -> Phase -> Group.List
-> (Gdx, (Node.List, Instance.List)) -> IO ([Int])
perGroupChecks verbose machineread phase gl (gidx, (nl, il)) = do
perGroupChecks :: Group.List
-> (Gdx, (Node.List, Instance.List))
-> ((Group.Group, Double), [Int])
perGroupChecks gl (gidx, (nl, il)) =
let grp = Container.find gidx gl
offnl = filter Node.offline (Container.elems nl)
n1violated = length $ fst $ Cluster.computeBadItems nl il
......@@ -236,8 +238,7 @@ perGroupChecks verbose machineread phase gl (gidx, (nl, il)) = do
, offline_pri
, offline_sec
printGroupStats verbose machineread phase grp groupstats score
return groupstats
in ((grp, score), groupstats)
-- | Use Hbal's iterateDepth to simulate group rebalance.
executeSimulation :: Options -> Cluster.Table -> Double
......@@ -300,19 +301,20 @@ main opts args = do
when machineread $ printGroupsMappings gl
groupsstats <- mapM (perGroupChecks verbose machineread Initial gl)
let clusterstats = map sum (transpose groupsstats) :: [Int]
let groupsstats = map (perGroupChecks gl) splitcluster
clusterstats = map sum . transpose . map snd $ groupsstats
needrebalance = clusterNeedsRebalance clusterstats
printClusterStats verbose machineread Initial clusterstats needrebalance
when nosimulation $ do
unless (verbose == 0 || machineread) $
putStrLn "Running in no-simulation mode. Exiting."
unless (verbose == 0 || machineread) $
if nosimulation
then putStrLn "Running in no-simulation mode."
else if needrebalance
then putStrLn "Cluster needs rebalancing."
else putStrLn "No need to rebalance cluster, no problems found."
mapM_ (printGroupStats verbose machineread Initial) groupsstats
unless needrebalance $ do
unless (verbose == 0 || machineread) $
putStrLn "No need to rebalance cluster, no problems found. Exiting."
printClusterStats verbose machineread Initial clusterstats needrebalance
let exitOK = nosimulation || not needrebalance
simulate = not nosimulation && needrebalance
......@@ -320,11 +322,12 @@ main opts args = do
rebalancedcluster <- maybeSimulateRebalance simulate opts splitcluster
when (simulate || machineread) $ do
newgroupstats <- mapM (perGroupChecks verbose machineread Rebalanced gl)
let newclusterstats = map sum (transpose newgroupstats) :: [Int]
let newgroupstats = map (perGroupChecks gl) rebalancedcluster
newclusterstats = map sum . transpose . map snd $ newgroupstats
newneedrebalance = clusterNeedsRebalance clusterstats
mapM_ (printGroupStats verbose machineread Rebalanced) newgroupstats
printClusterStats verbose machineread Rebalanced newclusterstats
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