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Export the number of cpus to iallocator scripts

Now that we have the number of cpus available from the hypervisors, we
can export this to the iallocator scripts.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter
parent 872c949f
......@@ -319,6 +319,15 @@
instances which are down on the node</simpara>
<simpara>the physical number of CPUs present on the
machine; depending on the hypervisor, this might or
might not be equal to how many CPUs the node
operating system sees;</simpara>
......@@ -4938,7 +4938,7 @@ class IAllocator(object):
raise errors.OpExecError("Can't get data for node %s" % nname)
remote_info = node_data[nname]
for attr in ['memory_total', 'memory_free', 'memory_dom0',
'vg_size', 'vg_free']:
'vg_size', 'vg_free', 'cpu_total']:
if attr not in remote_info:
raise errors.OpExecError("Node '%s' didn't return attribute '%s'" %
(nname, attr))
......@@ -4967,6 +4967,7 @@ class IAllocator(object):
"free_disk": remote_info['vg_free'],
"primary_ip": ninfo.primary_ip,
"secondary_ip": ninfo.secondary_ip,
"total_cpus": remote_info['cpu_total'],
node_results[nname] = pnr
data["nodes"] = node_results
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