Commit 41be279f authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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qa_config.AcquireNode: Use sort key function

Use a sort key function instead of using a comparing function (“cmp=…”).
The latter is not supported in Python 3 and using a sort key function is
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarBernardo Dal Seno <>
parent e80edd3b
......@@ -553,6 +553,15 @@ def IsTemplateSupported(templ):
return GetConfig().IsTemplateSupported(templ)
def _NodeSortKey(node):
"""Returns sort key for a node.
@type node: L{_QaNode}
return (node.use_count, utils.NiceSortKey(node.primary))
def AcquireNode(exclude=None, _cfg=None):
"""Returns the least used node.
......@@ -578,17 +587,8 @@ def AcquireNode(exclude=None, _cfg=None):
if not nodes:
raise qa_error.OutOfNodesError("No nodes left")
# Get node with least number of uses
# TODO: Switch to computing sort key instead of comparing directly
def compare(a, b):
result = cmp(a.use_count, b.use_count)
if result == 0:
result = cmp(a.primary, b.primary)
return result
return nodes[0].Use()
# Return node with least number of uses
return sorted(nodes, key=_NodeSortKey)[0].Use()
def AcquireManyNodes(num, exclude=None):
......@@ -349,6 +349,35 @@ class TestQaConfig(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertRaises(qa_error.OutOfNodesError, qa_config.AcquireNode,
exclude=acquired, _cfg=self.config)
def testAcquireNodeOrder(self):
# Mark all nodes as marked (master excluded)
for node in self.config["nodes"]:
if node != self.config.GetMasterNode():
nodecount = len(self.config["nodes"])
for iterations in [0, 1, 3, 100, 127, 7964]:
acquired = []
for i in range(iterations):
node = qa_config.AcquireNode(_cfg=self.config)
self.assertTrue(node.use_count > 0)
self.assertEqual(node.use_count, (i / nodecount + 1))
acquired.append((node.use_count, node.primary, node))
# Check if returned nodes were in correct order
key_fn = lambda (a, b, c): (a, utils.NiceSortKey(b), c)
self.assertEqual(acquired, sorted(acquired, key=key_fn))
# Release previously acquired nodes
qa_config.ReleaseManyNodes(map(operator.itemgetter(2), acquired))
# Check if nodes were actually released
for node in self.config["nodes"]:
self.assertEqual(node.use_count, 0)
self.assertTrue(node.added or node == self.config.GetMasterNode())
class TestRepresentation(unittest.TestCase):
def _Check(self, target, part):
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