Commit 40d4eba0 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Restrict move list based on offline node status

This patch changes the Cluster.checkInstanceMove function to restrict
the target move list based on which nodes are online.
parent ec18dca9
......@@ -431,6 +431,21 @@ checkSingleStep ini_tbl target cur_tbl move =
compareTables cur_tbl upd_tbl
-- | Given the status of the current secondary as a valid new node
-- and the current candidate target node,
-- generate the possible moves for a instance.
possibleMoves :: Bool -> Int -> [IMove]
possibleMoves True tdx =
[ReplaceSecondary tdx,
ReplaceAndFailover tdx,
ReplacePrimary tdx,
FailoverAndReplace tdx]
possibleMoves False tdx =
[ReplaceSecondary tdx,
ReplaceAndFailover tdx]
-- | Compute the best move for a given instance.
checkInstanceMove :: [Int] -- Allowed target node indices
-> Table -- Original table
-> Instance.Instance -- Instance to move
......@@ -440,11 +455,11 @@ checkInstanceMove nodes_idx ini_tbl target =
opdx = Instance.pnode target
osdx = Instance.snode target
nodes = filter (\idx -> idx /= opdx && idx /= osdx) nodes_idx
aft_failover = checkSingleStep ini_tbl target ini_tbl Failover
all_moves = concatMap (\idx -> [ReplacePrimary idx,
ReplaceSecondary idx,
ReplaceAndFailover idx,
FailoverAndReplace idx]) nodes
use_secondary = elem osdx nodes_idx
aft_failover = if use_secondary -- if allowed to failover
then checkSingleStep ini_tbl target ini_tbl Failover
else ini_tbl
all_moves = concatMap (possibleMoves use_secondary) nodes
-- iterate over the possible nodes for this instance
foldl' (checkSingleStep ini_tbl target) aft_failover all_moves
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