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Update NEWS for Ganeti 2.4

Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarRené Nussbaumer <>
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Version 2.4.0 rc1
Version 2.4.0 beta1
- Fixed timezone issues when formatting timestamps
- Added support for node groups, available via ``gnt-group`` and other
- Added out-of-band framework and management, see :doc:`design
document <design-oob>`
- Removed support for roman numbers from ``gnt-node list`` and
``gnt-instance list``.
- Allowed modification of master network interface via ``gnt-cluster
modify --master-netdev``
- Accept offline secondaries while shutting down instance disks
- Added ``blockdev_prefix`` parameter to Xen PVM and HVM hypervisors
- Added support for multiple LVM volume groups
- Avoid sorting nodes for ``gnt-node list`` if specific nodes are
- Added commands to list available fields:
- ``gnt-node list-fields``
- ``gnt-group list-fields``
- ``gnt-instance list-fields``
- Updated documentation and man pages
- Moved ``rapi_users`` file into separate directory, now named
``…/ganeti/rapi/users``, ``cfgupgrade`` moves the file and creates a
- Added new tool for running commands on many machines,
- Implemented more verbose result in ``OpConnectConsole`` opcode, also
improving the ``gnt-instance console`` output
- Allowed customisation of disk index separator at ``configure`` time
- Export node group allocation policy to :doc:`iallocator <iallocator>`
- Added support for non-partitioned md disks in ``lvmstrap``
- Added script to gracefully power off KVM instances
- Split ``utils`` module into smaller parts
- Changed query operations to return more detailed information, e.g.
whether an information is unavailable due to an offline node. To use
this new functionality, the LUXI call ``Query`` must be used. Field
information is now stored by the master daemon and can be retrieved
using ``QueryFields``. Instances and nodes can also be queried using
the new opcodes ``OpQuery`` and ``OpQueryFields``.
- Removed support for roman numbers from ``gnt-node list`` and
``gnt-instance list``.
using ``QueryFields``. Instances, nodes and groups can also be queried
using the new opcodes ``OpQuery`` and ``OpQueryFields`` (not yet
exposed via RAPI). The following commands make use of this
infrastructure change:
- ``gnt-group list``
- ``gnt-group list-fields``
- ``gnt-node list``
- ``gnt-node list-fields``
- ``gnt-instance list``
- ``gnt-instance list-fields``
- ``gnt-debug locks``
Remote API
- New RAPI resources (see :doc:`rapi`):
- ``/2/modify``
- ``/2/groups``
- ``/2/groups/[group_name]``
- ``/2/groups/[group_name]/assign-nodes``
- ``/2/groups/[group_name]/modify``
- ``/2/groups/[group_name]/rename``
- ``/2/instances/[instance_name]/disk/[disk_index]/grow``
- RAPI changes:
- Implemented ``no_install`` for instance creation
- Implemented OS parameters for instance reinstallation, allowing
use of special settings on reinstallation (e.g. for preserving data)
- Added IPv6 support in import/export
- Pause DRBD synchronization while wiping disks on instance creation
- Updated unittests and QA scripts
- Improved network parameters passed to KVM
- Converted man pages from docbook to reStructuredText
Version 2.3.1
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