Commit 3d091af0 authored by Bernardo Dal Seno's avatar Bernardo Dal Seno
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Allocator support in recreate-disks LU

This affects only the backend.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAdam Ingrassia <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBernardo Dal Seno <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 01eb03bd
......@@ -7154,6 +7154,10 @@ class LUInstanceRecreateDisks(LogicalUnit):
" once: %s" % utils.CommaJoin(duplicates),
if self.op.iallocator and self.op.nodes:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Give either the iallocator or the new"
" nodes, not both", errors.ECODE_INVAL)
for (idx, params) in self.op.disks:
utils.ForceDictType(params, constants.IDISK_PARAMS_TYPES)
unsupported = frozenset(params.keys()) - self._MODIFYABLE
......@@ -7171,14 +7175,42 @@ class LUInstanceRecreateDisks(LogicalUnit):
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = list(self.op.nodes)
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = []
if self.op.iallocator:
# iallocator will select a new node in the same group
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP] = []
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE_RES] = []
def DeclareLocks(self, level):
if level == locking.LEVEL_NODE:
# if we replace the nodes, we only need to lock the old primary,
# otherwise we need to lock all nodes for disk re-creation
primary_only = bool(self.op.nodes)
if level == locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP:
assert self.op.iallocator is not None
assert not self.op.nodes
assert not self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP]
self.share_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP] = 1
# Lock the primary group used by the instance optimistically; this
# requires going via the node before it's locked, requiring
# verification later on
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP] = \
self.cfg.GetInstanceNodeGroups(self.op.instance_name, primary_only=True)
elif level == locking.LEVEL_NODE:
# If an allocator is used, then we lock all the nodes in the current
# instance group, as we don't know yet which ones will be selected;
# if we replace the nodes without using an allocator, we only need to
# lock the old primary for doing RPCs (FIXME: we don't lock nodes for
# RPC anymore), otherwise we need to lock all the instance nodes for
# disk re-creation
if self.op.iallocator:
assert not self.op.nodes
assert not self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE]
assert len(self.owned_locks(locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP)) == 1
# Lock member nodes of the group of the primary node
for group_uuid in self.owned_locks(locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP):
primary_only = bool(self.op.nodes)
elif level == locking.LEVEL_NODE_RES:
# Copy node locks
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE_RES] = \
......@@ -7222,18 +7254,27 @@ class LUInstanceRecreateDisks(LogicalUnit):
primary_node = self.op.nodes[0]
primary_node = instance.primary_node
_CheckNodeOnline(self, primary_node)
if not self.op.iallocator:
_CheckNodeOnline(self, primary_node)
if instance.disk_template == constants.DT_DISKLESS:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Instance '%s' has no disks" %
self.op.instance_name, errors.ECODE_INVAL)
# Verify if node group locks are still correct
owned_groups = self.owned_locks(locking.LEVEL_NODEGROUP)
if owned_groups:
# Node group locks are acquired only for the primary node (and only
# when the allocator is used)
_CheckInstanceNodeGroups(self.cfg, self.op.instance_name, owned_groups,
# if we replace nodes *and* the old primary is offline, we don't
# check
assert instance.primary_node in self.owned_locks(locking.LEVEL_NODE)
assert instance.primary_node in self.owned_locks(locking.LEVEL_NODE_RES)
old_pnode = self.cfg.GetNodeInfo(instance.primary_node)
if not (self.op.nodes and old_pnode.offline):
if not ((self.op.iallocator or self.op.nodes) and old_pnode.offline):
_CheckInstanceState(self, instance, INSTANCE_NOT_RUNNING,
msg="cannot recreate disks")
......@@ -7247,7 +7288,7 @@ class LUInstanceRecreateDisks(LogicalUnit):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Invalid disk index '%s'" % maxidx,
if (self.op.nodes and
if ((self.op.nodes or self.op.iallocator) and
sorted(self.disks.keys()) != range(len(instance.disks))):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Can't recreate disks partially and"
" change the nodes at the same time",
......@@ -7255,6 +7296,13 @@ class LUInstanceRecreateDisks(LogicalUnit):
self.instance = instance
if self.op.iallocator:
# Release unneeded node and node resource locks
_ReleaseLocks(self, locking.LEVEL_NODE, keep=self.op.nodes)
_ReleaseLocks(self, locking.LEVEL_NODE_RES, keep=self.op.nodes)
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Recreate the disks.
......@@ -1440,6 +1440,8 @@ class OpInstanceRecreateDisks(OpCode):
" index and a possibly empty dictionary with disk parameter changes"),
("nodes", ht.EmptyList, ht.TListOf(ht.TNonEmptyString),
"New instance nodes, if relocation is desired"),
("iallocator", None, ht.TMaybeString,
"Iallocator for deciding new nodes"),
OP_RESULT = ht.TNone
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